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PS3HaX – The Final Rant

There was a time i would have defended quite strongly the honour and integrity of the website known as PS3HaX, i would have attacked anyone saying anything bad about it, even if that person was a friend.
Going as far as falling out with such friends as pbanj and TheLostDeathKnight over PS3HaX, taking……

Im Not A Raper But….

I have often received attacks against my person, its part of the risk i take when i stand up against dirty reDRM creators, its the risk i take when i tell people exactly to the point what i think of them or a certain situation, most of the insults are juvenile and funny, a lot……

PS3HaX And The Rebug Mod Drama

I meant to post this a few days ago, but i got side tracked with other things, the reason for posting this is to preserve the truth for all to see, that the cunt known as Bobbybangin loves the drama he claims to hate.

The drama which was caused by Bobbybangin, all started because he was……

And The PS3HaX Scum Keep Deleting My Posts

Well its well over a month since i was banned on PS3HaX, so why the fuck did they delete over 60 of my posts on the 9th of September 2014, they aren’t even recent ones, so why the fuck delete them ?

The Final Confirmation That Bobbybangin Suffers SERIOUS Mental Problems

The Final Confirmation That Bobbybangin Suffers SERIOUS Mental Problems

hellsing9 made this thread:

Poor little man Bobbybangin’s response:

Bobbyfagman Wrote:Hellsing, I love you bro, but you and A LOT of people take this site and all this stuff way too seriously.

Just like you took it way to serious when I called you……

PS3HaX Scrape The Rubbish Heap And Why Not To Trust Them

Well after almost two months depart from PS3HaX, a place i used to fondly call my internet home, the place has spiraled into a cess pool of degradation and degenerates, it already had its fair share of dickheads but the were manageable, since my departure, the dickheads have overrun the place and are not very……