This is an article i wrote on PlayStationHaX during April 2016, i strongly believe now as i did then, if you are a scene website, who’s aim is to help and educate people, you should not be offering any services where you charge people for doing a service, it shows your lack of care for the scene and shows that you only view the console hacking scene and the end user as a pay check.





Now my article will not be as awesome as @wololo‘s article that you can read here, it will be short and have the poll to accompany it.



Now if you wonder what the issue is, then i will explain…



Last week @BobbyBlunt brought to my attention that @Hackinformer had a service in which he was installing themes and the ability to play homebrew via ePSP for a fee, you can read more about it here.



These are the services that he charges for:





Now why do i have a problem with this ?



Hackinformer runs a scene site, everything he gets for his website he gets for free, the information to write articles for free, the homebrew and applications to write about for free, so charging for what he gets for free is wrong, on top of that, as i said, he runs a scene site, scene sites have always been about helping people, posting tutorials and guides as well as giving help in threads where people are looking for help, they have never been about selling services and they never should be.



The whole way it is done is sleazy and disgusting, from this deceiving pinned tweet:



To the fact once you click that link, you are greeted with a login screen that forces you to register in order to see the article and once you register, you assume you are going to get a guide or help on how to do everything that is said in the tweet, but no, you are greeted with a a thread explaining you must pay to get all this done, the deceiving and dishonesty i find more disgusting than the actual selling of a service.



Hackinformers service involves installing all this on a Vita with 3.60 firmware, so how is this method done ?, what is he doing and why is he not providing other the information on how to do it themselves ?, its obvious, he is keeping it all to himself in order to profit from the scene.



Hackinformer isn’t some guy that does this for some spare cash at the weekend, he is someone who runs one of the biggest scene sites out there and as i said scene sites are there to help people, not get them to pay for the installation of homebrew.



Now i am sure i could say more on the subject, but there is no point, i have had enough hours wasted arguing about it and had personal information posted on Twitter over it.


For those interested, the personal information that was posted was my IP, now if some person from IRC did something like that, or one of the staff members form here did it, they would be cunts but it would be no big deal at the end of the day, as i put them in the position of seeing my IP…, but the person who posted my IP online @turkreno runs a company in which he sells server space for people to host their websites.


Now how did turkreno get such information and why did he post it ?

Whenever the server was hacked back at the beginning of this year, i asked turkreno for advice, he asked me to give him the servers details so he could look at the problem, this with my trusting nature did, he seen i had problems, then we talked about moving my website to his servers, which is what happened, but that’s where everything started to go bad, he started disabling plugins on the WordPress sites, then he seen attacks happening on the server he had hosted my site on, so he got scared and put my websites back on the old host, but i thought, cool he managed to clean the shit up and he even installed a firewall for me, i was very thankful, but then i realised that the forum was fucked up, whatever he did, meant the entire software had to be reinstalled, then after a while i realised that the server was not clean from infection after all and i ended up finding and getting rid of two shells and a spam bot service embedded into a legit file, so that is the reason he had the information, now as to why.


Well after i sent Hackinformer a tweet, saying i disagreed with what he was doing, turkreno brought it upon himself to white knight  for Hackinformer and what i though started of as a simple discussion soon turned into an argument and after i called turkreno out for his shitty workmanship, he posted my IP, the IP he had gotten in confidence and private online, telling anyone who was following him to block my IP and the IP range, so he did it out of childish spite, which shows he and his web hosting is not to be trusted.


Something else to think about, if he held onto my IP for that long, perhaps he has also held onto the database, which means he is also in possession of all your IP’s, email address’s and passwords which makes him just as dangerous as someone who hacked the server and stole the database.


For Help Please Click This Link To Be Taken To The Thread On PlayStationHaX Forums


After all the money said person claimed was for making his forum/site a better place went on things not related to the website, the website in it self does not cost much to run, the front page uses free software, the forum uses free software, both the front page and forum are plastered in ad’s, so why the fuck charge people for a simple job that they could do themselves if only it was explained better.


In the running of my websites, i get the occasional donation, which i appreciate greatly, it does help when it comes to paying that bill at the end of the month or when renewing a domain, but for the most the money comes from my pocket, i make barely any money from associations with various online retail websites, so i make do with paying the majority from my own pocket and i am happy to do that, i enjoy helping people and writing articles, if it comes to the day i can no longer afford to pay out of my own pocket, i will close the websites down before charging people to install themes or any other mediocre task, i am not in the scene to make money, i don’t want spare cash from ad’s and associations when the month is over, i just need enough to cover the server and i do not look for nor need more than that.