Here is something i wrote back in August 2011, about the riots in London:

The BBC recently wrote an article on their website, regarding the sentences of some of the London Rioters, you can read it here:

Now while i do think, some of the so called rioters deserve punishment in strict forms, like the ones who set buildings on fire and endangered peoples lives, i do however think some of the sentences were strict, now before everyone jumps on my balls and say they deserve it, bla bla bla, STFU and learn how to read and stop using your ignorant view on life to try and tell me im wrong.

Four years in prison for writing a post on your own Facebook wall, that DID NOT result in a riot, is a damn disgrace, why is it a disgrace you ask ?

Well when you take your ignorance mask of, you will understand that writing a few words on a Facebook wall isn’t the worst of crimes, considering Child Molesters get far lenient sentences, like this cunt, who received only five years in Jail for sexually molesting a nine year old boy or take this scum bag, zero Jail time for having pornographic images of children , shall we talk about murder, these idiots received nine years in Jail for murder , now for those of you that can count, four years is very close to half of nine years, four years for writing on Facebook, nine years for killing a man, dos not really make sense.

Hopefully those of you with a brain, will now understand why four years for writing on Facebook is far too extreme, whilst we are on the topic of extreme, these new laws that let police intercept messages from Blackberrys BBM service has led to what i believe to be abuse, a 20 year old man gets arrested and charged for organizing a water fight through BBM, you can read that here