Meh been banned by a coward on PS3HaX, I’m glad though, because it lets me see the cowardly bitch for what he is.
I wont mention the little bitch’s name, he isn’t important enough to be posted on here.


Just in case you do read this, attacking someone, then banning them so they can’t respond to you, doesn’t mean you have balls, it means you are a spineless coward, unable to take an argument, it means that your mummy never taught you how to be a man, it means you obviously never had a daddy in your life.

Banning someone who you would never have spoken up to before, when they had power, doesn’t mean you are standing up to them now, it just means you are a little bitch, who feels brave, now that he has more power

Blocking someone on twitter, so you don’t have to respond to them, means you have no balls, so really who is acting like a little girl and who really is a girl 🙂

Anyhow, I have promised to leave your cowardly ass alone for now, but I’m not gone and I’m not finished, so hide behind your little ban button..