The idiot just cant stop telling lies, these lies are to justify him for being such a cowardly bastard and banning me, here is what i am talking about:

1.) I attacked Bobbybangin for being a sarky cock bastard and for nothing else.
2.) I did not attack any other staff member.

Now this is where the lies get to an extreme fucking level.

“To follow that up he started doxxing myself and my wife on twitter”
1.) I didn’t dox him, his name is plain as public on Twitter.
2.) I didn’t even know his wife had a twitter account until now, thanks for letting me know though.

“Not me nor my wife care to repost the disgusting memes or the nastier posts that he deleted or were either reported and removed”

1.) ANYTHING i posted to Bobbybangin, is still on Twitter, i DID NOT delete any of it.
2.) There were no fucking memes, this is an outright and worse lie he has posted:
a) If someone posts a meme about one of your family members, the first thing you do is take a screenshot.
b) Twitter would have knowledge of such reported posts and Twitter sends you an email when such an occurrence happens, anyone is welcome to read my Twitter email account.
c) I have 1500 Twitter followers, i dare you to fine just ONE who has seen me post a meme about Bobbybangin and his stupid wife

Though his lies will continue you, because telling those lies make me look like the bad guy, yes i called his whore of a wife a whore, but that is the worst i did.

I do not know who the bitch is and i don’t care, i do care about this cunt telling lies about me.