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The Final Confirmation That Bobbybangin Suffers SERIOUS Mental Problems

The Final Confirmation That Bobbybangin Suffers SERIOUS Mental Problems

hellsing9 made this thread:

Poor little man Bobbybangin’s response:

Bobbyfagman Wrote:Hellsing, I love you bro, but you and A LOT of people take this site and all this stuff way too seriously.

Just like you took it way to serious when I called you……

Bobbybangin KEEPS Telling Lies

The idiot just cant stop telling lies, these lies are to justify him for being such a cowardly bastard and banning me, here is what i am talking about:

1.) I attacked Bobbybangin for being a sarky cock bastard and for nothing else.
2.) I did not attack any other staff member.

Now this……

Hypocrite PS3HaX Staff Hypocrites

Well it wont be a surprise that i am yet again making an article about the shit pool that PS3HaX has become and yes this is another rant about the staff members, the idiots that do not know anything about what they post about, they can’t even use proper moderation and even fail at the……

PS3HaX Continuing Its Immature Campaign Against Me

Well its no secret and by now, you should know that i have parted ways permanently with a PS3HaX, a website i once cherished and cared a great deal about, since then i have been subjected to a campaign of hate, lies, accusations and attempted assassination of my character.

My last article regarding PS3HaX was concerning……

[Update 5] Pirate At PS3HaX Acts Like An Immature Prick

Well as you, my readers and fans know, i am a drama queen, which is one of the reasons i created this blog, so i could rant about crap here and not involve PS3HaX, but as i got banned, its seems all im doing lately is ranting about PS3HaX.

Today’s rant will be no different, as……

Banned On PS3HaX LOL

Meh been banned by a coward on PS3HaX, I’m glad though, because it lets me see the cowardly bitch for what he is.
I wont mention the little bitch’s name, he isn’t important enough to be posted on here.

How The PS3HaX Beginning Of The End Started

If any of you read this blog post yesterday, you will know that i stepped down as a moderator/News Writer from a website that i had been a staff member of for six years and four months, my reason for stepping down, was for many different reasons.

Many people believed i should have been given……

Thanks PS3HaX – But Its Time For Me To Move On

I got the internet for the first time in September 2007, i had just had my PS3 for a few months and thought I’d join a forum, i joined a well known site called Afterdawn, but it wasn’t quite what i needed in regards to PS3 Hacking.

I found out about a PS3 Hacking group called……