I have never been a fan of advertisements on website’s, i have always understood them and understood the need for them, when i was a staff member at PS3HaX i often told people to use an AdBlock on the forum if they found them really annoying, i even have some ad’s on my forum, i do not make any profit at all from them and it takes about six months to reach the minimum £60 payout, which all goes back into the up keep of the forum, the software licenses, the plugin renewals and domain name renewals.

But one thing i would NEVER do is force people to disable their AdBlock in order to view any article on my website, i know there are sites that have a banner up nicely requesting you to disble your AdBlock, i am not talking about those sites, i am talking about the asshole sites who have a huge banner up stating that you must disable your AdBlock in order to view any article on the forum, seriously who the fuck do you think you are demanding that i disable my AdBlock in order to view an article on your site that was created by someone else or sourced from somewhere else, which brings me to this rant and what this article is about.

A couple of weeks ago i found myself visiting the ‘Hackinformer’ website to view some of the sexy looking themes that have been entered into their lame excuse of a competition and the first thing i noticed was this horrible jarring notice at the top of the board:

Now whilst it does look like an innocent message kindly asking you to disable your AdBlock, it is simply not the case, when you click on any article, you are greated with this:

You can not view any part of the thread or any post on it, you are given an anti-AdBlock wall, you are forced to disable your AdBlock in order to view anything on the forum, of course when disabled you get this:

So i thought perhaps if you are a member you would be allowed to keep your AdBlock enabled, but i was wrong:

This is blatantly a huge fuck you to his forum members, this is what you get for taking the time to sign up to the forum.

I am clearly not the only one annoyed by this too as you can see in the tweet below:

Silica was even kind enough to provide a video tutorial on how to by pass the draconian anti-AdBlock measures:

There is also this method to get past Hackinformers anti-AdBlock stance, it will also work on any and all sites who do the same stupid thing:

It seems the Hackinformer greed machine is at work, no sooner has Silica put out a method to circumvent the anti-Adblock, when Hackinformer updated their script, enforcing their anti-Adblock even more:

It goes to show how much of a weasley person Hackinformer is, he only cares about how much money he can milk out of the console scene, which is out right disgusting and any scene site that does this has no business being in the console scene.

You can see here how much Hackinformer only care about money in a previous article that i created:
Should Scene Sites Charge For Hacking Consoles ?