Well it wont be a surprise that i am yet again making an article about the shit pool that PS3HaX has become and yes this is another rant about the staff members, the idiots that do not know anything about what they post about, they can’t even use proper moderation and even fail at the basics of merging a fucking thread >.<

So what is this about ?
About PS3HaX sensationalizing articles in order to get hits, its either that, or Bobbybangin really is as fucking dumb as he acts O.o

So here is what started this article and what will lead me on to the “hypocrite” statement in the title.


The failings you will see below:

So to explain why they are failings:
1.) The image. of course that is to grab peoples attentions as the ? isn’t noticeable straight away or at first glance, so they attempt to grab the reader by misleading them into thinking the console has been hacked.
2.) He states that modroberts method WILL ALLOW the implementation of CFW on 4K’s, he does not explain that it is what modrobert wants to do, he just says that is what WILL happen, yet again misleading the reader.
3.) The thing about Sony intentionally releasing 4K consoles with higher firmware is a dumb statement, they didn’t intentionally do it, it would have been dumb to release a 4K with 3.55 when the firmware was like 4.0.
4.) “swap-dick” seriously ? you have to use your penis with ODDES now ????????

Now that should be enough information to show you the guy is obviously the dumbest staff member on PS3HaX, but that’s fine unless it makes you mentally unbalanced like Bobbybangin is, which i will give reasons for below.

Members start responding to the sensational and misleading text, two members prominent in that regards are long time members smartymarty07 and rednkecowboy, which Bobbybangin responded to and as all forums go, when you reply to someone, they reply back to you, that is the way forums work, its not fucking rocket science.

smartymarty07 responds to Bobbybangins posts, which is the norm and here is the post in its entirety:

For some demented reason Bobbybangin decides to edit that post, i’m not sure if he was butt hurt or he just felt the need to flex his staff muscles, though if that was the case, he failed extremely well at it:

The post was edited, without using the proper warning tags that staff members are supposed to use, now was this done to make it look like smartymarty07 had made that post ?
Or was it done because Bobbybangin simply cannot moderate correctly ?
Either way the post did not break any rules, it did not violate anything in any way, so did not need edited or deleted.

smartymarty07 receives an infraction from Bobbybangin

Which is baffling as he allowed this:

He not only allowed haz367 to use derogatory/sexual insults towards smartymarty07 he also like the post that did so.

And finally this happens:

Which in a way is humorous as this is a conversation that was previously posted in the very same thread:

And this brings me to the “hypocrite” part.
Poor Bobbybangin cried how i was such a terror, for editing members posts, banning them, attacking them etc and he has:

  • Insulted members.
  • Allowed members to be insulted.
  • Edited members posts.
  • Gave unnecessary infractions.
  • Deleted posts
  • And banned a member.

Bobbybangin said i let the power go to my head when i was a staff member over there, which is ironic, as he is doing EXACTLY what he claims i did…

Its also funny to see him posting that he doesn’t like drama, yet the dumb fuck creates enough of it himself.