Wait what, what the fuck does the title say, it says ‘I Used To Be A Blogger Now I’m Not’, but, but, this is fucking WordPress, WordPress = blogging software, so by using blogging software it defines me as NOT being a blogger, I don’t only have my personal ‘blog’, I also have WiiUHaX and PlayStationHaX, both of them are WordPress blogs, but of course, that means i am not a blogger.

Let me rewind a little bit, to a couple of days ago, when Wololo tweeted this article, which i quite enjoyed, i made a comment about The_Zett having something to say about the word Jailbreak being used in regards to console hacking.

Then i re read the article and i noticed this:

So i assumed that to mean he was talking about PS3HaX, as that is something we all know the shitty website does, so i responded with something that i thought to be both truthful and humorous:

I had some prick leave a stupid comment, to which i responded with my usual anti-troll quips and TJHooker also lent a hand.

Then Acid_Snake responded with a somewhat strange comment:

So i responded with:

1.) The first point of my comment, was simple, it was explaining how i look a bit like Grigori Rasputin and my name having nothing to do with revolutions or anything of the sort and i made the point that i was a little surprised that he had not yet seen a photo of me as to see why i would use the nickname Gregory Rasputin.
2.) The second part, was pointing out, if you died before the revolution even happened, you cannot be for or against it, which is a simple fact.
3.) Even though he called me out for missing one letter in a word and typoing the word ‘viva’, i did not pull him on the fact that he typo’d when he said:

And it is extremely strange that a person with revolutionary and socialist ideals uses the nickname “Gregory Rasputin”

There is no space in my nick, it is not Gregory Rasputin, it is simply GregoryRasputin, not two word’s, just one big long word, i rarely call someone out on making a typo, as i typo all the time, so i ignored it.

I thought my comment was fine, it was not rude, it was a simple factual comment, but whatever Acid_Snake found offensive in it, he decided to act like a butt hurt teenager and go on the attack with this comment:

I obviously responded to him, but Wololo’s blog comments are moderated, so at the time of posting this, it still had not shown up, i also tweeted Acid_Snake, but he never responded, perhaps he was sleeping off some sort of alcoholic binge or he was locked away in his basement creating this imaginary PS Vita open source SDK, but what ever his reason, he has yet to get back to me, perhaps he will later in the day, but who knows, anyhow, onto rebutting his comment on Wololo’s blog:

Rasputin was one of the closest friends of the Tzar’s family, so close he had an affair with the Tzar’s wife

No, he was not a friend of the Tzar’s family at all, he led the Tzarina’s into thinking that he had mystical healing powers and that he could cure the tzar’s son, he did this to gain power and quite a bit of power, whether he had powers or not are questionable, but he did foretell of his death in a letter he sent to the Tzar several days before he was murdered.
It is also rumoured that Rasputin slept with the Tzarina, it is also rumoured that he slept with the Tzars oldest daughter, not really something you do to a friend , is it ?

Apart from the Tzar, his wife and their children, the rest of the Tzar’s family hated Rasputin and the power he had gained, they wanted him dead and that is exactly what happened, it was one of the Tzar’s family members who helped in killing Rasputin, throwing his body in the Neva River.

Rasputin did some good, he did some bad, but the fact remains, is that he was hated by a lot of people, including a huge lot of the Tzar’s family, i personally do not care what people say about Rasputin, i think the dude was awesome and without him, i would not have my nickname, but anyhow, that is enough of the history lesson, most people with the ability to read will be able to learn about Grigori Rasputin, though it seems Acid_Snake will not be able to do that, as he does not seem to have the ability to read or understand.

tell me how that’s not being on the opposite side of the Russian revolutionaries?

Being friends with someone does not mean you cannot think the opposite to them and perhaps Rasputin would have agree’d with the revolutionaries, here is an example:
Rasputin and the Tzar are friends, Rasputin advices the Tzar NOT to go to war with Germany and to make friends with them, but even though they were friends, the Tzar did the exact opposite and went to war with Germany in WWI, you get how that works yet Asshole_Snake ?, being friends with someone does not mean they have to think or believe in the exact same things, so as i said, Rasputin could not have been for or against the revolution, as he was not alive to see it happen.

It doesn’t matter if he was alive by the time of the revolution or not, he was a close friend to communist opposition.

Of course it matters, as we will never know which side he would have chosen, if you read the last lines of my last rebuttal, you will see, that you can be the greatest of friends with someone and still not agree with them.
Rasputin did all he could, to stop the Russian participation in the war, which claimed the lives of well over one million Russians.
To the educated, everything that Rasputin did, actually points to the fact that he very well may have agree’d with the revolutionaries but as i have said, we will never know and cannot state he was or wasn’t for the revolution, when he died before it happened.

Stop being a smartass, that attitude is what’s gained you so much hatred.

1.) Where and how was i being a smartass ?
2.) Boo Hoo people hate me, what will i do (That is being a smartass)

Go back to ALL of your posts and see for yourself, they are all about you criticizing this or calling that other person out.

Now which post’s are you talking about ?
My entire internet wide post or just the ones on Wololo ?
Lets just look at the ones on Wololo’s blog shall we, no, the are not all calling people out or criticising something, yes i have done that on the blog, if someone needs called out, i will do it, if something needs criticising i will do it, but to say ‘ALL’ my posts do that, is false, but then again, you are used to being dishonest and deceitful(ill get to that later :p).

We get it you used to be a blogger and you have your share of knowledge (most of them are pretty normal knowledge, nothing out of the ordinary)

1.) “used to be a blogger”, means you think i am no longer a blogger, which is kinda weird as i am writing this article on a, wait for it, yes you guessed it right, ‘A BLOG’, oh and not to forget WiiUHaX and PlayStationHaX, both are ‘BLOGS’, so if blogging on a blog does not make me a blogger, then what the fuck does that make me O.o.
2.) I never claimed my knowledge was anything out of the ordinary, i share where i can, what i can, if it helps someone that’s great, if it doesn’t, well it doesn’t, no big deal.
3.) “most of them are pretty normal knowledge” hmmm Mr Typo corrector, surely that line is poor English ?, i mean we have already covered the fact you call me on making a typo whilst making one yourself in the exact same fucking post, to top it of it also appears your grammar and use of the English language is fucking awful too.
4.) You state my knowledge is ‘pretty normal’, no, what is pretty normal are making stupid blog article on Wololo, such as that stupid “7 Days Of Metal Gear”, you know the one where you said “I decided to review all Metal Gear games up to date”, but decided not to cover Metal Gear Rising and MGS4, i remember those normal, bland articles, because i responded to you on one of them 🙂

I stand by that statement, your reviews were half assed and you should be embarrassed to even consider yourself a Metal Gear fan.

but that doesn’t grant you permission to put down every blogger in this site.

I have never put any blogger down on Wololo, i have called people out, but never put any blogger down, that is the type of thing you do though.

Being humble and down to earth is free, being a smartass and an *** gets you nowhere.

Ironic and hypocritical you would say that after the post you made….
Ironic that you would say that, considering the shit storm you caused in the PS Vita scene, by leaking work that was not yours to leak and showing us all that you are a dishonest, deceitful, untrustworthy piece of shit.