I have often received attacks against my person, its part of the risk i take when i stand up against dirty reDRM creators, its the risk i take when i tell people exactly to the point what i think of them or a certain situation, most of the insults are juvenile and funny, a lot insults the fact i am Irish and the others telling me to kill myself, the most recent one, is a rap song, the person behind it stating that he was raping me and asking if want it to last.

Here is a post by the guy back in 2012, on a thread regarding the “rape scene” in the Tomb Raider game:

Now fast forward to 2014, where he makes this post, in a thread to which i cannot respond, due to the fact that i am banned from the forum and the fact anyone appealing a ban, automatically gets banned and their posts deleted, so impossible to respond or say anything, anyhow here is the “rap song” from the person who claims not to be a raper and who doesn’t promote rape:

Now i do not take such a pathetic rap as an insult towards me, i take it as an insult to anyone who has ever been raped or sexually assaulted, to publicly state you are raping someone shows that you are mentally inept and have some serious problems.

Perhaps instead of being a bitter asshole and attacking me after i was no longer able to respond, he should have taken his own advice: