Well i expected to get this badge much, much sooner, considering PSXHaX is just PS3News v2 and i knew that it would happen when i started calling their bullshit out.

This morning a friend on IRC posted me a link of a post at PSXHaX and asked if it was bullshit, i looked at it and the post had a pretend developer, posting code that was not his, pretending that it was his, that code belongs to well known developer BigBoss aka PSXDev, here are the posts:

So yeah i got banned for calling out this fake dev for stealing other peoples code 🙂

Some tweets between PSXDev and myself:




Seems i have been unbanned by the owner, however it does not change the fact that this clown sEKTOR is a fake and a thief.

Update 2
lol seems he is very angry because i got unbanned as he has sent me two PM’s, one in which he attacks me for being Russian, he also did this in his forum post, it is clear he is very Xenophobic:

And more replies: