Well this is no surprise, considering the cowardly dishonest bastard sold the website three years ago to Caputo Media who in turn recently sold it to an Israeli money grabbing conglomerate, here is his farewell post and none of it covers any of this:
Shazim Mohammad

Now let me break it down in my usual GregoryRasputin manner:

Its been a long 8-years, and the age of the PS3 has come and gone and a new era of consoles has begun. It has been a great journey over the years, but unfortunately it is time for me to move on…and this is my official resignation.

You mean its been a great pay cheque over the past 8 years, you get a group of dumb fucks, such as myself to come in and look after your website, whilst you do next to nothing and reap all the benefits.

You moving on from a place you were never really engaged in will have no impact on anyone, you were never the number one there, at least not from late 2008 onwards.

Resignation ?, how can you resign from something you own, you can step down and hand over the reigns, but not resign, but wait, that’s right i forgot, you already sold the fucking website, so that’s how you can resign, because you don’t own the website and haven’t done for a long time, so no more Caputo monies and no Israeli money either

PS3Hax has been a wonderful community, and knowledge hub for many people throughout the years for their consoles. However, with the growing demands of the site, I no longer have the time to properly manage and give the attention to PS3Hax to allow it to grow and prosper.

You no longer have time to properly manage and give it attention ?
When the bastarding flying fuck did you ever pay any attention to the fucking website, when i left PS3HaX, WordPress was at least a year out of date and your dumb fucking excuse was that updating it would break the vBulletin plugin.

Which also shows you knew fuck all about running a website properly, apart from how to grab all the money you could from it, you know such as stealing of ReDRM dongle clone creators and creating fake competitions.

And as we are talking about attention, i probably put in more hours to PS3HaX than you did in an entire year.

PS3Hax needs a fresh new start, and it has been way past due to hand over the torch. Starting now, Kingsman – someone I know personally, will be taking over my responsibilities at Hax (leading, managing, etc…). SimonW will be taking over the technical lead at Hax, and will be responsible for most of the site improvements, repairs etc.

‘Kingsman – someone I know personally’
Being that you are a dishonest fuck, how can we tell, that you really do know Kingsman ?
If he is taking over your responsibilities, does that mean he will be a shitty fucking admin too, who can’t administrate properly ?

Of course SimonW will be taking over the technical lead, just like he does at Dashhacks, QJ.net and PSX-Scene, you know, because he is part of that Israeli team.

Thanks to everyone that is with – or not with us, any more, throughout the years. It was a wonderful time, and will be forever missed and remember. I wish good luck to the new management, and current Hax staff team, and hopes Hax will continue to prosper for many more years to come.

Good bye.


Nah, i wont say goodbye to you, i said goodbye almost a year ago and it is the best thing i ever did.

So fuck you and may everyone who reads this know how much of a dishonest piece of shit you are, that is the main reason of this rant, not to say goodbye, but as a warning to all those who may have to deal with you.

lol at the usual dumb cunts thanking his goodbye post, these dozy bastards are the typical dumb fucks that tend to believe his bullshit:

Update 2
I have to make this update to say I strongly protest against this post:

I might say say awful things about people, but never such things towards someones children or future children and whoever made that post, could you remove the last line, i find it disgusting and vile to say to anyone.

Update 3
Just another update to let you PS3HaX idiots know that this month marks three years since Pirate sold PS3HaX to Caputo Media:

I have the full invoice from when Pirate sold it, right up until when Caputo sold it.