Well as you, my readers and fans know, i am a drama queen, which is one of the reasons i created this blog, so i could rant about crap here and not involve PS3HaX, but as i got banned, its seems all im doing lately is ranting about PS3HaX.

Today’s rant will be no different, as the today’s events have been full of drama and childish behaviour.

Earlier today, General_Plot a well respected member of the scene and of the PS2 emulation scene, tweeted that his moderator position had been removed and it was done so without a word from Pirate, not even a thank you as given, so no reason fro the removal,
Other than the fact that i gave General_Plot Global Moderator privileges on my website, which in no way should have resulted in him loosing his staff position on PS3HaX, if being a staff member on another website is not permitted, then playerkp420 should be removed as staff as he is a mod on another website
It has nothing to do with lack of commitment, if it was then Sarah1331, Mackdanny and manster would also have lost their staff positions.

This was purely because General_Plot was a staff member on my website, Plot even created a thread on PS3Hax asking why his position had been removed, i managed to get a reply in before the thread was deleted:

My account was banned, but i had expected it, the deletion of the thread was unexpected and lousy

If you notice i mentioned to Pirate about being an ignorant asshole on IRC, when him and hellsing9 joined but wouldn’t say anything even when people said hello to them.

So in return for Pirate getting butthurt on IRC, he banned two long term senior members BobbyBlunt and weed37, for something not related in any way to PS3HaX forum:

True BobbyBlunt asked to be banned after receiving insults from BobbyBangin, but was told that this would not happen, weird it happened after Pirate got upset on IRC, also weed37 had nothing to do with the recent months PS3HaX forum drama, yet he was banned from the forum for something that was said on IRC, so of course Homebrew Developer TizzyT creates a thread asking why BobbyBlunt and weed37 had been banned:

To which the first derogatory insulting comment came from BobbyBangin, who not only called BobbyBlunt a “snitch”, but also suggested that they meet up so Bangin could beat up Blunt:

Why would you offer to fight/attack someone over something said on the internet, even though I’m an asshole, i would never and have never stooped to that level, its simply childish and immature, so the thread continues and i of course rejoin to defend myself after BobbyBangin blames me on “Doxing” him:

I was about to respond yet again, when i got this error:

So yeah, i was banned yet again, but when will this crap stop, when will BobbyBangin grow a set of balls and stop banning me and respond to me, when will he stop pretending that he is a tough guy, just because he happens to lift weights, just because he refers to his arms “guns” or “weapons”, those weapons he wants to attack BobbyBlunt with.
Surely slandering and threatening BobbyBlunt is also illegal.
When will BobbyBangin stop pretending that he doesn’t enjoy the drama, when he himself has participated in many drama threads, including all the drama that has transpired over the past month, if he didn’t care for the drama, he would have ignored it completely and he wouldn’t be offering to fight people via the forum and Twitter.
But i guess he will continue the victim syndrome act as long as people are dumb enough to fall for it.

When will Pirate stop being such a douche, i know he comes from a rich family and is a spoilt rich kid, but that does not give him the excuse to take advantage people who looked after his website for so long.


Well it General_Plot has just posted the reason why he was removed from staff on PS3HaX, his association with me, PS3HaX staff claim i am paranoid, so Plot was removed from staff because im paranoid, makes sense lol, here is a post in which General_Plot explains his banning.


Here is an image to show you their deluded reasoning for removing General_Plot from their staff, lol who is paranoid ???


Another quote from General_Plot:

First, I opened a discussion asking why my mod status was gone when I’ve been active (this has since been deleted). You can see a full copy of the thread here: http://www.ps3downgrade.co.uk/Misc/PS3Hax/Removal_from_staff.htm and Page 2 of it is here: http://www.ps3downgrade.co.uk/Misc/PS3Hax/Removal_from_staff-Page2.htm

You can read his full post here.

But that’s not all, General_Plot also made this thread, which was also deleted:

to which he created this thread:

And then this happened:

Now you see the real BobbyBangin and the cowardly scum bag he is, but i leave it to you to decide.


Oh just as i was about to leave this blog post, i have come across another dirty lie by BobbyBangin:

I DID NOT, i repeat DID NOT call him a “Child Murdering Faggot”, i have screenshots in another rant article to show exactly what i said and it was NOT that.

I also did NOT make sexually vulgar meme’s about any females, the worst i did was call his wife a mail order bride and thats only because i assumed she was from Australia and that’s why he was moving to that country, i know it was stupid and childish of me, but this was after being perma banned from a site i had dedicated so much time to and being verbally attacked by him.

To make it 100% clear, i did NOT make any memes or anything bad like that about her and i would love to see such proof that i did.


Well its a few days later and the dust has settled, what is clear, is that this attack against General_Plot had less to do with the fact he was a staff member on my site and more the fact with what he said here:
The post is innocent enough and all it does is show some support for me, but in doing so, upset the bums of certain people at PS3HaX, did BobbyBangin see it and go crying to hellsing9 ?
For them to claim that i am paranoid, yet remove General_Plot from staff, because they are afraid he will say something to me is somewhat amusing.
It is also funny that a PS3HaX staff member, who is also a staff member on my forum has not been demoted, the case being that he hasn’t actually posted anything on the forum yet, he hasn’t posted anything that will fill BobbyBangin and hellsing9’s vagina’s full of sand.

So PS3HaX not only got paranoid and mistrustful, they demoted the last knowledgeable staff member they had, those that remain active staff members, lack quite a bit of intelligence and knowledge.