Now i am not going to go too far into the morals of this, because i have conflicting views on the subject, just as i do with abortion.

What i will say, is that think if prostitution is done right, in a safe environment, then it is far better than having to walk the streets, i personally think that prostitution should be made legal, but only if it is done in a safe environment.

I do not partake in prostitution, nor am i one, but i would not be prejudiced or discriminate against one who chooses to do that as a profession, after all, its their life, their body and as long as they are not endangering people with sexual transmitted infections or putting people at risk of HIV/AIDS, then they should be free to do what the choose to do with their own body.

Now on to the actual reason for this article.

A young woman lost her job at a popular well known games company, the reason for the sacking was because of her undisclosed second job, of course this ‘second job’ was not disclosed by the company, however various people dug up information about her and found out that she was an Escort.

Being an Escort is far safer than being a normal prostitute, though of course as you are meeting strangers it does still pose risks, but from what i gather, this job was not interfering with her main job at the games company, she was not selling herself at this games company, so there seems to be no reason for the sacking, other than the company wanting to save face if it ever emerged that she worked in prostitution.

I think it was unfair that she got sacked solely because she may have had a second career in prostitution, now there may have been other reason that we do not know and i do not know to much about the person that was sacked, but like i said, if she was sacked just because she had a second job getting paid for sex, then i think it was unfair, anyhow i have created a poll on Twitter for those of you interested, those of you that actually have Twitter, so that doesn’t include old fossils like Wolfie708 :p