Well its no secret and by now, you should know that i have parted ways permanently with a PS3HaX, a website i once cherished and cared a great deal about, since then i have been subjected to a campaign of hate, lies, accusations and attempted assassination of my character.

My last article regarding PS3HaX was concerning the admins childish actions against one of his staff members General_Plot, demoting him, simply because he became a member of my website and congratulated me on creating it, the irony of this, is that they claim I am paranoid, yet it is obvious that the paranoia is with them.

General_Plot very well could have been giving me information, but he didn’t, he never said a thing that was going on in the moderator section and even though they fucked him over due to his association with me, he still remains loyal to the position he was given at PS3HaX and hasn’t told me a single thing that was discussed about me there, but they removed him from staff because they are afraid he would, that i a classical sign of paranoia and mistrust from PS3HaX staff.

Now to come to today’s story, i noticed that some of my posts have gone missing at PS3HaX, now whilst this is something minor, if they are going to start deleting my posts, then why don’t they delete them all ?
Why pick ones of from here and there, instead of going the whole way ?
Perhaps they were testing moving my posts to another user, which would be a dirty trick, but i wouldn’t put it past such a dishonest bunch of cretins.

Now before some cunt over there try’s to call me a liar or claim i am paranoid, here is the proof, this screenshot was taken this morning:

It shows i now have 17126 post’s, here were my stat’s just before my Super Moderator position was removed:

Here are the stat’s when i was demoted:

I had 17136 at the time i was banned as can be seen here:

Between the time i was demoted and banned, i made five posts, about four of them were slightly rude and i could understand if they had been deleted, but they weren’t, so they are deleting post’s i made when i was still a staff member, which is a lame thing to do, especially if they the threads i made and putting them under someone else’s name.

So to sum it up, PS3HaX:

  • Deletes threads, denying people the ability to defend themselves and denying their free speech.
  • Indiscriminately ban people they do not like or agree with.
  • banning people who use the ban appeal system.
  • Steal threads created by other people and pass them off as their own.
  • Write terrible news stories.
  • Support people who steal of other people.
  • Support staff members who hack into other websites.
  • Attack staff members and demote them for being associated with websites they do not like.
  • With their news stories they do not source properly, if they do not like the website.