Well after almost two months depart from PS3HaX, a place i used to fondly call my internet home, the place has spiraled into a cess pool of degradation and degenerates, it already had its fair share of dickheads but the were manageable, since my departure, the dickheads have overrun the place and are not very well potty trained.

Scraping The Bottom Of The Rubbish Heap

Recently after getting rid of the best staff members they had, either by leaving, demotion or by demotion and banning, the clowns advertised a staff application, here is the list of people the idiot suggested should apply:

haz367 Joonie86 LoverboySimer mcmrc1 baileyscream mrc1978 vb_encryption_vb crazelunatic TitaniumL varaques LoboGuara and concretecork

Later adding these guys:

passete 3absiso sdw100 Hannibal1471 Annelies Cheesethief

Now whilst i have zero problems with most of those added to the list, i do take exception to haz367 being suggested as a staff member, that added to the fact that pauline45 said he applied.

For them to accept haz367 and pauline45 shows that they will stoop to any level and accept any type of moron as a staff member, they preferably want news writers, because the news writers they currently have BobbyBangin and Mackdanny, do not know how to use the WordPress function and do not know how to correctly merge threads and such.

It was only about three months ago that Bobbybangin learned how to embed a link into text the right way, i know this because he asked me and i showed him.

Now why do i think that both haz367 and pauline45 would make bad staff members ?
Well both have terrible knowledge of using English and one of them is a native English speaker.

pauline45 suffers from the lack of punctuation skills, it’s like he does not know or understand what a comma or full stop is, the both of them are quite offensive and nasty to people, they attack and insult other members, here are a few of their posts:

Why would you get rid of all the good staff members and replace them with trash, it makes no sense.

Why You Should Not Trust Them

Well if these articles

[Update 5] Pirate At PS3HaX Acts Like An Immature Prick

[Update 2] Smear Campaign Against Me By PS3HaX

Hypocrite PS3HaX Staff Hypocrites

Bobbybangin KEEPS Telling Lies

which showcase the staff members dishonesty don’t show you that they are dishonest scum, then you have to remind yourself that if you are a dev, they WILL leak anything you trust them with.

Rogero had been working on a new MFW, it was not quite ready for releasing as it wasn’t yet finished, he trusted a few people to test the Firmware, but unfortunately one of those trusted people was nothing more than a deceitful bastard, who ended up leaking the unfinished firmware on PS3HaX, the reasons are unclear, but i know the cunt blamed me on suggesting that he release it when i didn’t even know he had it.

The untrustworthy scumbag in question, is none other than moderator wannabe pauline45, here are some of his posts and would you believe it, some from his fellow dick rider haz367 trying to justify leaking an unfinished, unready firmware:

Now if that does not show you that they lack any integrity, then you have some serious problems.

Also Pauline45, i will not stop ranting, so send me all the borderline racist PM’s you wish, it is not going to stop me showing the world that PS3HaX is a scummy place full of scummy people.

To Address Something Else

One of the other names on the suggested list of people who should apply to become a slave to a shitty administrator, concretecork.

You keep crying and insulting me for something that happened three fucking years ago.
I made a thread saying Merry Christmas to my fellow PS3HaX members, it was a happy time and jolly time, until concretecork decided to come in and spoil the the mood by mentioning religion and how God does not exist etc.
I asked politely that he kept that type of talk out of the thread, that it wasn’t a religious thread, it was a “good feeling” thread, but he continued, i the asked in a more firm term that he keeps that type of chat out of the thread, yet he insisted on continuing, to the point i got pissed off and banned him for a week.

Now that was only a week, a whole fucking 7 days, yet he seemed to take it as a personal insult, he didn’t come back for a while after the ban, only to return briefly, then leave until after i was banned.

The funny and ironic thing is, this little bitch said that “no one had any balls to stand up to me”, yet he could only attack me AFTER i was banned from PS3HaX, he could only vice his opinion AFTER i was no longer able to respond back to him.

So to sum it up, concretecork you are a cowardly, spineless bitch, with no balls, in fact you have a mangina, because not only have you no balls, you have an inverted penis, which is proven by your actions over the past couple of weeks.

So do yourself a huge favour, get a hose, make sure you turn the water on full, shove that shit up your vagina and wash the sand the fuck out of there and whilst you are at it, get a few hundred tubs of ointment for your anus to clear up that butthurt.

I guess that’s enough for today’s rant, you PS3HaX trash keep throwing lies and accusations and ill keep posting proof refuting them.

Concretecock, I’m so proud that you are able to admit you are a coward, by waving at me behind the comfort of PS3HaX ban wall, shows that your mummy must have eaten your balls off when you were born, or they just shriveled up when you started abusing alcohol.
Don’t get me wrong, i can empathize with alcoholics, just not with alcoholic cowards.

Its a real pity you couldn’t have shown that same wave when you were crying like a little bitch about how “big bad GregoryRasputin banned me”, so go pour yourself a few pints of whiskey and drink to the fact you have no spine 🙂

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