Another day another leak and whilst i have no doubt that one of the diseased scum fucks at PS3HaX had something to do with it, i will not state so in this rant as i have no proof, but going by their past dishonest track record, i have zero doubt in my mind that they were in someway involved, but the actual leak itself is not what this article is about.

Chapter 1
It all starts with hellsing9 writing an article about the said leak, then Mr Fuckwit pauline45 chimes in and says:

Which is no surprise because the guy is a dumb fuck with no mental understanding of anything outside the bedroom he lives in at his mothers house.

Now understandably this pissed off one of joonies friends and scene developer haxxxen, who posted this:

It of course was nothing offensive and a simple calling someone who deserved it an idiot.

But of course this led every bodies favourite dishonest bastard to make this statement:

No you dumb hypocritical cunt, it wouldn’t have until just recently, hazdildo got away with insulting people, being racist and Islamaphobic for three fucking months and you did fucking nothing, because you enjoyed him riding your worthless tiny cock, you needed someone on your side, no matter how much of a cantankerous bastard that person is.
Your statement in that screenshot shows truly how much of an immature bitter scum fuck you are.
hazdickhead got an infraction from Concretecork, another PS3HaX idiot staff member for being Islamaphobic and attacking a Muslim member of the forum, suggesting said member was praying for ISIS to kill little girls, which is ironic because you Mr Hypocrite scumbag banned me for stating how you supported the terrorist nation of Israel’s bombing of Palestinian children, so sit there and shut the fuck up, keep stoking your ePeen and thinking that you have any importance in this scene, whilst the whole scene laughs at you.

Chapter 2
Now if that wasn’t bad enough, joonie stated that he might stop developing, which would be a sad day, because the guy is genuinely talented and no one should ever feel they have to stop doing something because of a few dishonest assholes.

This leads us back to the thread hellsing9 created on PS3HaX, paulinefuckhead copied joonies post from PlayStationHaX and posted it on the thread, some members responded, but this was the icing on the cake, or rather the knife in joonies back:

This is why i called Concretecork an idiot up above, he of course is showing himself the ignorant asshole we all know him to be.

Anyhow that brings to an end of this latest rant, i could go on about how Concretecork shows himself to be an even bigger nob head throughout the thread, but i won’t waste my time.