A couple of years ago, i would have ranted and raved how PS3HaX was the best PS3 scene site out there, but today i can no longer say this.
Less than five months since i left the forum, it has been sold and sold to an ad revenue hoarding corporation.

This all started when someone responded to a thread made on PS3HaX, which was talking about an article that STLCardsWS wrote on PSX-Scene about the fact that PS3HaX keeps stealing other peoples news, here is the post that was later deleted and the poster banned:

Now i found this post to be crazy, i rubbished it:

Pirate is a cunt, but him selling the site or even working for someone else was something i found really hard to take in, after all he claimed way back when PSX-Scene was sold to Caputo Media, that he would never sell PS3HaX.

Then STLCardsWS wrote this article on PSX-Place:
So who own’s PS3hax.net? We have the Answer that may surprise you
Now this is pretty incrementing evidence, but i still chose to question it, stating that there must be some weird reason behind PS3HaX using the same ID as Caputo.

But i slowly started to settle with the idea that Pirate had sold out and started question how long ago did he do this and if i had been a staff member when this happened.

But then Grimm dropped this bombshell:

It shows that PS3HaX officially has changed hands, i won’t speak about how it has been bought by an Israeli company that uses its sites as advertising servers, to grab money, some of that money probably going to the terrorists who live in the false state of Israel.

I will instead talk about how he admin of PS3HaX did not have any decency to let his members know that the site had been sold and that their information was now in the hands of strangers, he could not and did not thank the members that helped him earn so much revenue from ad clicks, the members who were loyal to him or the staff members who kept his website up and running, when he was too fucking lazy to do so himself.

The remaining staff members themselves, deluded morons:
hellsing9 leaving and running back like a yoyo, not knowing which face to wear.
Then we have VBencryptionVB who simply doesn’t care that the site is in someone else’s hands:

VBencryptionVB responded with:

Negative, I give 2 fucks who owns the site.

And all the other staff members who are staying there for some deluded reason.

Anyway thats enough ranting from me, i have better things to do than waste it on this shit, after all, its only a shitty website and one should not give a thought about it.