There was a time i would have defended quite strongly the honour and integrity of the website known as PS3HaX, i would have attacked anyone saying anything bad about it, even if that person was a friend.
Going as far as falling out with such friends as pbanj and TheLostDeathKnight over PS3HaX, taking it as a personal attacks towards myself if they said anything bad about it.

This is probably because of the time i dedicated to the website, starting of with the amount of hours i dedicated to moderating the forum, many times on my own and many times to a quite forum.

Then when i became a News Writer, the amount of hours i would spend scouring the internet, looking for a story to publish, looking for something that i could put on the front page, whilst at the same time moderating.

I would take opportunities such as the PS3’s Birthday or a forum milestone like the amount of members it had reached or some times just a random occurrence, to hold competitions, such competitions though never big, were out of my own pocket, they didn’t come as payment from the admin, nor did i receive any advertising revenue, i paid for these competitions out of my own pocket and i was happy to do so, because i wanted to give back to the members who i fondly thought of as my members.

But that’s the thing, they weren’t “my members” and PS3HaX was not my website, so i could not fix any of the problems and i could not give people of respect such as developers their status without going through huge ordeal, to get any type of response from the admin was a fight.

As time went on, from my side, i could only see that the admin was only running PS3HaX for the ad revenue and when i say running, i mean getting idiots like myself to run the forum for him, whilst he reaped all the financial benefits for doing absolutely nothing.

And there is only just so much you can take, before you have to say “fuck it, I’ve had enough” and my heart during late 2013/early 2014 was already beginning to sink, i had already started to feel PS3HaX starting to fade from my caring, but the catalysts of me saying “fuck it”, was when the admin did not give me the admin position i truly deserved and when he did not celebrate hitting the 300,000 member milestone, no competition, no thank you, not a fucking thing from this clown, so i had enough and left, i couldn’t take anymore, staying would probably have driven me insane.

I was happy with just being a senior member, that was fine, i could get on and work on my other websites, but it seemed that i was destined for a more permanent user status and that one was the “banned” status, all for telling someone that they supported child killing and calling them a faggot, no warning, no infraction, no temporary ban, just a straight up perma ban.

Now i was never bitter about that, i found the humour in it, because it let me see that they one who banned me, who i will fondly call BobbyFagMan, was nothing but a spineless coward, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, hiding behind a ban hammer.

This guy was not reprimanded by the admin, for perma banning the websites most valuable member, no he was promoted and from that day, he has done nothing but abuse his power, banned senior members, deleted hundreds of posts and told numerous lies.

So PS3HaX FUCK YOU, FUCK the people who run you, FUCK the staff members, Fuck their whore wifes, Fuck their mothers, but most of all FUCK you Pirate.

Now anyone who is reading this, i would be grateful if you could from this day forth, in everything you do and say, forget PS3HaX ever existed.

And to ALL the PlayStation scene sites, for the sake of the scene Boycott the shitty website known as

Do not source them in your stories.

Do not let them be part of this scene any longer or for that matter, do not let them be part of any scene.

That is it from me regarding PS3HaX, you will not see another rant from me about them, it will be as if they never existed and should anyone who has just come upon this, still not truly grasp this drama, please view all these stories:
Boycott PS3HaX
This is where you will put all the pieces of the story together and hopefully realize that PS3HaX is not the place to be and that they are not the people to be trusted.

Finally i want to thank all the people who have stood by and supported me, who have put up with my rants, thank you for being there and thank you for helping me start my own site.

Also thank you NeoSabin for always being straight with me over this and trying to steer me away from the PS3HaX related drama.

So onwards and upwards.
Viva la PlayStationHaX.IT