I know i made an article back in September, titled ‘PS3HaX – The Final Rant’, i had intended to leave all the bullshit there and ignore the website, just ignore all the scum on it and all the dumb fucking staff members, but several things happened, such as hellsing9 being a cowardly asshole and running back to get his staff badge to the news that PS3HaX had been sold.

This article i wrote on the 19th of September 2014, summarises information that PS3HaX had been sold:
PS3HaX Sold – How The Mighty Have Fallen

The news came as a shock, but i took it on board and accepted it, because after all i was no longer part of the forum

Funnily enough, the morons that are staff on PS3HaX just refuse to acknowledge that the site has been sold and that they really do not know who the fuck they are giving their time to, but they keep pretending that it hasn’t been sold and lieing to their members, going as far as censoring and banning anyone who mentions that it has been sold.

But for those that still hang on to the idea that PS3HaX is still a site not connected to an organisation, that still believe that PS3HaX is there for the scene, you guys have to wake the fuck up and smell the coffee, the proof that the site is no longer in the hands of Pirate, is unquestionable, just a little more of the said proof below:

Two names stand out in the list of Admins ‘SimonW’ and ‘Sysop’, they are on all four sites, if that doesn’t get you clued the fuck up, then you really are worthless idiots.

Now the decent staff members that are left and i know there are not very many of you, do not believe anything Pirate has told you regarding this situation and definately do not believe anything hellsing9 has told you, because that scumbag is a two faced backstabbing snake, who pretends to be your friend, but in reality it is indeed all a pretence, take this for example, said to me in a Skype conversation by hellsing9:

This was a mere three or four months before i stepped down from PS3HaX and what did he do instead of creating a website with me ?
That’s right, he went crawling back and got himself a nice little promotion, was money involved in his decision to crawl back and get promoted ? who knows, but at this stage and what i have seen from him, i really would not put it past him, after all he did receive payment for creating shitty ad’s on the forum and did receive a free ODDE to talk favourably about it.

But all that is history now, the site is gone, my friendship with hellsing9 is permanently gone and i must for the sake of my own mental well being and the future of my own websites, put PS3HaX behind me and forget everything about it and what i did to make it the popular site that it was at one stage.

I want to stop these rants about a worthless site, because they are doing me no good and i want my rants to be about something that is important, so this is my final PS3HaX rant.

Thank you for putting up with my rants regarding this subject and thank you for having patience with me.