Racism And Islamophobia In The PlayStation Vita Scene

There is a developer in the PS Vita scene who i liked quite a lot

but recently he has turned into a toxic coward who i had to PM a few times on Discord and ask him wtf was he playing at and twice he responded to me with these messages:



Now this developer is a kid, around 15 years of age, but he should still know that using the “N” word if you are not black is racist, i told him it was racist the first time he said it and he tried to pass it off as “auto correct”, which you could excuse once or twice if that was actually the case, but with such words as the “N” word are not in the a devices dictionary, it has to be added or has to be used frequently, it is obvious that Gleba uses this word quite a lot, even if we pretend that it is because of “auto correct”, it does not excuse this next attack.


In the main channel of the Discord server, Gleba stated that i was stupid

which is no big deal, just some childish attack, but it was a catalyst to something more derogatory


What Gleba has posted is a screenshot of a blog post that spouts the usual White Supremacist slur that African Americans have a low IQ, this blog post also claims that Palestinians who are predominately Muslim, also have the same low IQ

so it is clear that not only does Gleba think that Black Americans are stupid, he also thinks that Muslims are stupid too, well it is far worse than that, he thinks they have a low IQ, which makes him no worse than the typical Trump supporting Red Neck racist.


I have no problem with people attacking me or insulting me, but leave race and religion out of it.



Hate for Muslims is not a problem on that server:




This screenshot shows you that racists are not that smart:


Gleba thinks that Obamacare a health care is related to schools and not hospitals.