First before i write this, i have to make it know, that i like gingerbread, so I’m not bashing him, I’m just posting my opinion on the drama that has taken place over the past couple of weeks surrounding the “Official Bruteforce Save Data Development Thread” and, these are the facts, this is the unadulterated truth on the matter and as i said, this is not made to bash anyone, but to merely point out what has happened and make the end user and those who suffer from the closing of, understand the facts of this situation.

To start off with as you know, aldostools created an application, that would assist people to resign and decrypt/encrypt their PS3 game saves, the application like all of aldostools releases, is a great piece of software, but like every piece of software that is released has its flaws or has certain aspects which could be fixed and made better.

So a while back, around four weeks ago, PS3HaX member Geek posted some suggestions on how to improve the application, he didn’t say the application was rubbish, he didn’t flame the application, he made some suggestions on how it could be improved, to make it easier for the end user, but his suggestions were met with venom and an unprofessional type approach, which you can see from this screen shot(Click on the image to view it full size):
 photo 1_zps5cf9fd15.png

Geek’s opinions and ideas were basically shit on and scoffed at, by both aldostools and gingerbread, neither one of them gave Geek’s ideas a chance, they dismissed them straight away

Now I’m not sure why the opinion or suggestion made by Geek was met with such a reply, perhaps its because he wasn’t a well known scene developer ?, i don’t actually know and i guess i never will, anyhow, i had not been made aware of any problem until around two weeks ago, when gingerbread contacted me via Twitter and mentioned me on PS3HaX, so naturally as a moderator i looked to see what the problem was, my immediate thought was, “what the fuck, where is the problem O.o” and that remains my thought to this day, here is a screeshot of the post that made all this happen, that made things get out of hand:
 photo 2_zps73397b23.png
 photo 3_zpsff2d4324.png

As you will see, Geek remained respectful, even though he was treated like a peasant over his ideas, he did not attack or insult those that looked down on him, he remained mature about the whole situation, but that last comment seemed to upset aldostools, as this happened:
 photo 4_zpsb2849bc9.png

Which seemed to send gingerbread on a downward spiral of hate and vengeance towards , gingerbread demanded that i ban Geek, here is the post:
 photo 5_zpsc8f62b7a.png

I refused to ban Geek as i seen no reason to do so, he had not broken any rules, everything went quiet for two weeks, gingerbread had managed to get PS3HaX member pink1 to create an app for him, so that he could continue adding to PS3Cheating.

Geek noticed some bugs in the app and told pink1, which as im sure you can tell was the beginning of the end, you can read that thread here and make your own opinion:
Official PS3 Save Data Processor for BSD Thread

Post #14 and #16 would be the ones to read, followed by post #19 and whilst that post may seem offensive, after four weeks of being shit on, you would be pissed off too, post #22 onward’s was gingerbread asking for Geek to be banned and me trying to calm the situation, but after gingerbread’s refusal to ignore Geek and continue you on, i had enough and on post #38 i said that they were both as bad as each other and that i would not ban either of them, because i liked them both.

That’s when everything blew up, gingerbread asked for the thread to be closed, then continued to delete his website and both his twitter accounts, so my final opinion on the whole fuckiong thing is this, which i posted here

Why the f*ck is everyone licking @gingerbread s ass ?
He got butt hurt because @<GEEK> voiced his opinion on both @aldo tools and @pink1 ‘s apps.
The catalyst was the refusal to ban @<GEEK> , that set him off an made him spiral into a childish spat.
This spat made him delete his website, if he truly cared fro the end user, he would NEVER have done that, people that care for their end users do not do something like that, they take it on the chin and move the f*ck on, clearly @gingerbread is not mature enough to do that.

Also software developers, if you are going to get sand in your fat vagina’s over some criticism, then stop creating applications as you will end up with a beach full of sand in your vagina’s.

What annoys the f*ck out of me over the whole thing, is that @gingerbread tried to say that he got no support, i personally gave him a sh*t ton of support:

  • I personalty front paged this article, i didn’t have to, i could have left it sitting where it was.
  • I personally tweeted the news story, more than once.
  • It is clear that i supported gingerbread in that thread.
  • I am NOT the only staff member on this forum who supported gingerbread.

Regardless of ANYTHING that happened or that was said, this example of a childish strop is disgusting, not matter what way some of you people try and twist it:


  • Make those suffer who benefited from your website.
  • To wipe all the contributions and hard work, posted by those who added codes and other things.

Is f*cking, childish, immature, disgusting and shows your lack of integrity, it shows your true character, it shows exactly what type of person you are, it shows you never really, truly cared for what you started.

@<GEEK> voiced his opinion on an application, that’s all he did, he pointed out some flaws, he pointed out how to make it better, he did not attack the developer, he did not say the application was sh*t, he did not say it was useless, he simply stated and honest opinion, which did not include any flaming or insults, you people need to get over that fact, i wont be banning <Geek>, i will not infract him, i will not punish him, until he actually does something wrong.

So everyone, move the f*ck on and stop crying.

aldostools and gingerbread both acted in an extremely immature manner, but neither have the balls to admit it.

I do hope PS3Cheating does come back, for you guys, for the end user as you do not need to suffer, because people do not like the feedback that they asked for.