The Final Confirmation That Bobbybangin Suffers SERIOUS Mental Problems

hellsing9 made this thread:

Poor little man Bobbybangin’s response:

Bobbyfagman Wrote:Hellsing, I love you bro, but you and A LOT of people take this site and all this stuff way too seriously.

Just like you took it way to serious when I called you a faggot.
Also its hellsing9, not Hellsing, they are two different members, thought you would have an ounce of sense to even understand that >.<

Bobbyfagman Wrote:This is a volunteered job. Nobody is getting paid here. Nobody wants to be constantly bossed and directed this way and that for their volunteered service.

Even volunteers need to do their job, you should not have applied, as it is obviously to stressful for you.

Bobbyfagman Wrote:I’ve had about all the drama I can take. I’ve avoided two direct attacks today on purpose, not that I’m saying you’re attacking me. I just…would. like. one. day. of. piece. here. period.

Two direct attacks, no doubt caused by your asshole like attitude.
And the word you are looking for is “peace”, you seem to be sucking on pauline45’s bumhole so long that you are starting to spell like him O.o

Bobbyfagman Wrote:If there’s not drama started here(not usually) there are other site mods and staff constantly bringing it here and writing about us there. I really don’t give a crap and have learned more about it by people posting it here, than I have reading it at their sites, because I don’t visit them. I don’t give a crap about what they think or have to say. They’re always saying something and it usually amounts to sh!t.

1.) YOU Bobbybangin are the one who has been causing ALL the drama, anyone like @STLcardsWS who posted on PS3HaX, was because you removed the correct source of the story, so YOU caused the drama, NOT anyone else, just you…
2.) If you didn’t give a crap, you wouldn’t be crying about it now Tongue
3.) Banning STLCardsWS was a lame move, he wasn’t attacking you or insulting you, he was defending his website, to add to that he was helping people in that Rebug thread which YOU turned into a drama thread.

Bobbyfagman Wrote:I’m going to be interacting very little, except to put down the ban hammer on drama and post a few articles a week.

If there is any news that is truly that important, nobody is going to miss it. I keep my twitter feed live and don’t miss much.

1.) The only interacting you do at the moment, is to cause drama…
2.) You love that ban hammer.
3.) lol you can’t even post news, so i doubt we will see any from you, there have been MANY important stories, of which you were too dumb to write about.

Bobbyfagman Wrote:I do not enjoy banning people. I do not enjoy the drama. I do not enjoy having family members doxxed on twitter and a hacking site, because people have bruised their ego’s in an internet forum

1.) If you didn’t enjoy it, you wouldn’t use the ban button like a junkie or a pauline45 uses a heroin needle.
2.) Yet YOU are the one that has created ALL the drama in the past two months.
3.) I DID NOT DOX your family, i could have, but where would that have gotten me, though part of me wishes i had, then you wouldn’t be telling lies to make people feel sorry for your dumb ass and on the ego note, you are the one who has turned into an egomaniac ever since you banned me.

Bobbyfagman Wrote:I wish nothing but the best for all of you, even those who hate me. I haven’t gone out of my way to harm anybody, but it’s difficult to concentrate on video games news, when I’m trying to defend the site from attacks, as well as my personal life.

1.) Awww poor Bobby thinks people hate him, perhaps for good reason.
2.) Not including your ban on me and other important members, but you went out of your way to harm the relationship PS3HaX had with PSX-Scene, by removing that source link i mentioned earlier.
3.) The site is not receiving personal attacks and neither are you, so stop crying and making it sound like you are some sort of victim.

Bobbyfagman Wrote:If you were still part of staff, you would know that he has been warned roughly five times in that thread to stop derailing that thread with an attempt at drama and that several posts by him have been reported.

Yet you Bobbybangin and your butt fucking buddies haz and pauline45 posted off topic posts in that thread, yet that is allowed.

Here is the next post in the thread from him, notice the circled part:

I find this comical as:

On top of that, there has been tons of news lately, he is just too dumb to front page shit >.<