Well you can change the corrupt bastards in charge, but if the system is rotten to the core, then the new people in charge will also become corrupt bastards.

I am sorry guys, I honestly thought I had written my last PS3HaX related rant ages ago and put that era of my life behind me, but when I see some shit that annoys me, I have to say something about it and what is really annoying me at the moment is the blatant thievery happening at PS3HaX, the motherfuckers are straight up plagiarising other peoples work, they do source to the original material, but that does not change the fact that the lazy cunts are copy/pasting other peoples work instead of actually writing their own shit, here are a few examples:

You can see, its just copy/paste, copy/paste, rinse/repeat, now some of you might ask why this bothers me, well in regards to PS3HaX it doesn’t, I despise the site and all who run it, its a cheap ass money making hub who don’t give a fuck about their visitors or members.
What does bother me, is that the original writers of the articles have had their hard work stolen and posted on some trashy website, i do not agree with everything Wololo does, but the guy puts the work in and writes some great articles, not little snippets like me, but full blown articles that take time to do and so do all the other authors on his website, then they have their worked ripped off, without even as much as a thank you and i find that disgusting.

That part of the rant over, on to another small rant.
A week or so ago, cfwprphet, Starmelter and others including myself were discussing an article on which i have interviewed a ‘Chinese Hacker’ when i was at PS3HaX and the link was posted, i then went to the actual forum post and noticed some cunt had unbanned me:

I was even able to login with no restrictions that i seen, now i find this a violation of my right to be banned, i don’t want to be a senior member or any other type of member on that piece of shit website, i did not want to be unbanned nor do i want to remain unbanned, i do not believe in defacing posts, i find it childish, so i cannot do that in order to get rebanned, hopefully one of the fucks over there see’s this and rebans me.

Fuck PS3HaX, its owners and staff.

/rant over