[Update] Vultra/c0rpvultra We See You Charlatan

When one is a charlatan, they are according to Wikipedia:
a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick or deception in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception. Synonyms for “charlatan” include “shyster”, “quack”, or “faker”.

There are plenty of people who could be called this in any console scene, but up until quite recently i would never have thought it of the person mentioned in the title of this blog post, Vultra otherwise known as c0rpvultra and sometimes known as Zer0rbit, was to me a down to earth person who could be trusted, yes he had some whackiness about him, with his deleting Twitter numerous times and claiming he was leaving the scene several time’s and then coming back, i did hold some respect for him and trusted him to be a person of his word, but that is why i now have egg on my face and look stupid, all will be explained below.


On Friday the 15th of February 2019, some asshole decided it would be funny to spam the crap out of the PlayStation Developer Wiki’s that i own, they abused the fact that i had the Wiki’s set to be edited anonymously, they proceeded to say some of the most vile things about people on the PlayStation Buddies Discord server, i have a bot set up that informs users on the server when one of the Wiki’s has been edited and this is what we started to see:

Some time between the third and fourth notification, DonkeyPunch had warned me that someone was spamming the Wiki and as soon as did, that fourth notification came in directed at DonkeyPunch, so it was obvious that the culprit was on the Discord server, so the spam continued:

Yes Vultra is mentioned in that one, but i will speak of that in a little while, onto more Wiki spam:

And the spam continued and continued until i blocked both anonymous editing and registration on all the Wiki’s, also take notice of the second notification in the above screenshot, i will address that later too…


After this had went on for a while, LightningMods told me in the main Discord channel that it was Vultra who was responsible, now i was in two minds about whether he was responsible or not, as those guys have had an ongoing dispute for a long time, the spammer had mentioned Vultra in the Wiki edits too, so how could it be him, right?
So the next day Vultra decided to tweet about something he had seen on Discord, he was not on Discord that night, at least not using his normal account.

Leave everything behind?
That was news to me, i hadn’t realised that he had left yet again, but here is the killer question.
Why the fuck if you were leaving it all behind, keep an account on a Discord server to see what people are saying about you?
At least he confirmed that he had a “secret” account on the Discord server.

But he was leaving shit behind, why would he waste his time checking a Discord server to see if someone was talking about him and why would he not mention on said Discord server his problems, why take it to Twitter?

Who the fuck is this “GregoryResputin”?

You are a White British person, so how can you be racist?
What? WTF? Did i fucking read that right?
Also calling Black people “coloured people/colored people” is racist as fuck.

Yeah, if that shit was you, you better believe i am coming for you, i have comrades all over the world 🙂

Yeah i get it, being blamed on shit you didn’t do is bad, which is why i left this and only questioned why the fuck you would hang around a scene sitting in the shadows that you had left, i was willing to leave shit where it was and give you the benefit of the doubt…
But But
But But But
You had to go and fuck up and show me the real dishonest bitch you are, you had the stupidity to call me a liar when i witnessed shit go down live on Twitter, one thing a motherfucker doesn’t do is call me a liar, that shit gets you digitally fucked up, which you are witnessing on this very article…

Now how did Vultra fuck up this bad?
Yesterday, Tuesday the 19th of February 2019, i visited my Twitter page and noticed Vultra arguing with someone over something silly, Vultra was being a dick to this person, i was witnessing it live as it was happening, Vultra was telling this guy called raphael that he was responsible for accomplishing shit and that he should Google the name C0rpvultra, to which raphael replied:


Then Vultra threw up a message to his followers via a “quote tweet”, to go tell raphael what he has done, how important he was or something equally pathetic, laughing to myself, i had to look at it again to see if he was actually asking his followers to back him up, i mean i could have spoke up, but i don’t actually know what the fuck Vultra has done in the scene, anyhow a couple of minutes had passed and no one defended Vultra and raphael posted this:

That is the exact moment that Vultra posted this:

And this, which i posted on Discord:

That is only six minutes between raphael’s tweet and this one, so Vultra directly posted the “Just dumped PS4 6.20 Kernel” tweet to raphael, then after a while Vultra deleted his Twitter account yet again, only to come back today and see me talk shit about him on Discord:

Now i ended up banning Vultra from the Discord channel because he started spamming, to which he opened up his Twitter again to have a go at me and after about an hour he closed it again.


Vultra finally admitted that it was him:

This just shows the type of person he is, even though he admitted it, he only half told the truth when admitting doing it, Vultra is not to be trusted under any circumstances.