I was sitting looking through PlayStationHaX Twitter account and i seen a funny conversation, so i just had to make a comment:

Now seriously, how the fuck do these Hackinformer crocodiles have the audacity to cry about anyone making a bit of money in the scene, especially Freakler:

Freakler is the second in command over there, he sat back and did nothing when Hackinformer was charging people $80 to install someone else’s exploit to enable eCFW on PS Vita’s, on top of that fee he installed other peoples homebrew and themes, this is a huge insult to the scene and a scummy thing for any scene site owner to do.

A couple of months ago Freakler said he was unfollowing me because he got butthurt about this article, he claimed he was fed up with me telling lies about his friends, the fact is i do not tell lies, i tell it how it is, i put it straight down the line and these cowards hate me for it, nothing i have said about Hackinformer is a lie, the scummy fuck charged people for something inferior to what Team HENkaku gave for free.

I have nothing left to say, just wanted to point out how these bitches work, crying about someone charging $15 for a microSD card adapter which takes time and effort, when they charged $80 for something you could do for free.

How does a coward respond to you calling out their hypocrisy?