Yesterday I started my “40 years of me” series, in the article I focused on my favourite forty songs, today I will focus on my favourite 40 movies.







1. Scarface & The Godfather (US/Hollywood)
2. 7 Samurai (Japan)
3. Musa The Warrior (China/Hong Kong)
4. Oldboy (Korea)
5. 9 Rota (Russia)
6. Brat (Russia)
7. Bumer (Russia)
8. Red Cliff (China/Hong Kong)
9. The Warlords (China/Hong Kong)
10. Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (Korea)
11. The Bride with White Hair
12. The Bride with White Hair 2
13. A Chinese Ghost Story
14. Ran (Japan)
15. Hero (China/Hong Kong)
16. A Better Tomorrow (China/Hong Kong)
17. A Better Tomorrow 2 (China/Hong Kong)
18. Ip Man (China/Hong Kong)
19. The Grandmaster (China/Hong Kong)
20. Ashes of Time (China/Hong Kong)
21. The Green Mile (US/Hollywood)
22. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Korea)
23. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Korea)
24. Ichi the Killer (Japan)
25. Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (Thailand)
26. District B13 (France)
27. District 13: Ultimatum (France)
28. Once Upon A Time In China (China/Hong Kong)
29. The Shaolin Temple (China/Hong Kong)
30. The Taking of Tiger Mountain (China/Hong Kong)
31. Unforgiven (Japan)
32. Railroad Tigers (China/Hong Kong)
33. The Birth of a Nation (US/Hollywood)
34. The Tale of Zatoichi (Japan)
35. Call of Heroes (China/Hong Kong)
36. God of War (China/Hong Kong)
37. Blade of the Immortal (Japan)
38. The Great Battle (Korea)
39. Boyz n the Hood (US/Hollywood)

There are so many movies that I could have added here, I have enjoyed a vast amount of movies, movies by great actors such as Al Pacino, Jet Li and so many other actors and actresses I am fond of, perhaps some day I will do a list of all my favourite movies.