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[Photography] My Catalogue Of Photographs

For a long time now I have been taking photographs, I am not very good at it, but It is something I enjoy.

My favourite type of photography is macro, that is where you take extreme close ups of……

Some Images Of The PS4E4

First I must mention that the device is normally just referred to as E4, but as there is a British TV channel with the same name, I decided to add the PS4 so I didn’t confuse any fans of the channel when posting this to Twitter or Facebook.

LightningMods designed a small device for use with……

An Unwelcome Guest

It is no secret that I love macro photography, it is a passion of mine, something I really enjoy.

I have often spoke of and shown my images of bugs to my friend StarMelter, he asked me a little while ago If I had taken any insects lately, I told him about this huge bumble bee……

Some New Macro Photography For @StarMelter

So i decided to buy myself lens extender ring/tubes, they are automatic, but aren’t very good at taking photos in auto mode, i bought them off Ali Express for quite a small price, here are the results, take a not that some photo’s were taken using a reverse ring:

I Love @yifanlu’s Little thing – It Is So Beautiful

Apart from annoying people in the PlayStation scene, i love photography, especially macro photography, but anyone who has read this blog already knows that.
When i received Yifan’s 3G to micrSD adaptor, i just had to take some shots of it close up, i can’t afford a dedicated macro lens, so i use a macro……

Stamps From #Palestine

All i hear from anti-Palestinian trolls is ‘Palestine Never Existed’, but anyone with a brain knows that it did exist and still exists, here are some stamps from a long time ago:

June 2017 Photo’s

Just some photo’s i have taken over the course of this month, nothing special or spectacular:

The First Macro Photographs Of 2017

These are probably the first set of macro Photographs i have taken since before i moved house for the first time back at the end of March 2016, i just didn’t feel comfortable and the move from a place i had been living in for 7 years to a new place took my mood from……

When The Post Brings You Something Nice From @RichDevX #HENkaku #PSVita

Well you know i like a little photography, haven’t got doing much this year, all the moving and crap kinda put me off doing anything, its like you lose all your motivation and don’t give a crap, so apart from some photo’s of family i haven’t done much photography, so here are three photo’s of……

Yalta Zoo – Yalta – Crimea – 2015

I used to love Zoo’s, perhaps that’s because i seen them through kids eyes, but with adult eyes, they look depressing prisons for animals that should be out and enjoying their natural habitat.
Last year in Moscow zoo, the animals seemed to want to hide from the heat, on top of that the park……