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[Photography] My Catalogue Of Photographs

For a long time now I have been taking photographs, I am not very good at it, but It is something I enjoy.

My favourite type of photography is macro, that is where you take extreme close ups of……

An Unwelcome Guest

It is no secret that I love macro photography, it is a passion of mine, something I really enjoy.

I have often spoke of and shown my images of bugs to my friend StarMelter, he asked me a little while ago If I had taken any insects lately, I told him about this huge bumble bee……

Stamps From #Palestine

All i hear from anti-Palestinian trolls is ‘Palestine Never Existed’, but anyone with a brain knows that it did exist and still exists, here are some stamps from a long time ago:

June 2017 Photo’s

Just some photo’s i have taken over the course of this month, nothing special or spectacular:

Yalta Zoo – Yalta – Crimea – 2015

I used to love Zoo’s, perhaps that’s because i seen them through kids eyes, but with adult eyes, they look depressing prisons for animals that should be out and enjoying their natural habitat.
Last year in Moscow zoo, the animals seemed to want to hide from the heat, on top of that the park……

Cheburechnaya #1 – Saki – Crimea – 2015

On the way back from Shtormove, we stopped off at a traditional cafe, which is called Cheburechnaya #1, they specialise in Chiburekki, a delicious snack, or a meal if two or more are ate.
This food comes in a few different forms, with meat, with meat, cheese and tomato and just cheese, now i am……

Shtormove – Crimea – 2015

When over in Crimea this year, the parent in laws took us to Shtormove, where we stayed for about five days, the place had a real beach with sand and not a pebbles like Sevastopol, whilst there i took some photo’s, of the food at the place we stayed, the beach, the creatures and plants……

Quick Bee Bar – #Crimea #Sevastopol

The Quick Bee Bar is my second favourite place to eat and relax in Sevastopol, this isn’t going to be raving review of the place, just a small article about the nice place.

Last year(2014) was the first time i visited here, it is situated near the touristy bit of Sevastopol with quick access to Taxi’s……

A Random Russian Cake – #Crimea #Sevastopol

Cakes and buns in Crimea are quite different than what they are back home in Ireland, i am used to buns and cake made with fresh dairy cream and i love that taste, cakes in Crimea however do not seem to have fresh dairy cream and the texture of the bread feels different.

That being……

A Random Carrot Cake

These images were taken a couple of weeks ago, i am just now uploading them: