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The Rise And Rise Of False Anti-Semitism Accusations


Before I write this blog, I just want to state that I believe in Israel’s right to exist as a nation, however I am against that nation being built upon the homes, villages and graves of the native indigenous Palestinians, who lived there long, long before the creation of Israel 70 years ago.
I am……

The Favourite Lie Of Those Who Are Anti-Palestinian/Pro-Israel – #FreePalestine

The favourite lie of those who are pro-Israel, is that Palestine doesn’t exist and that it never existed, even though there is overwhelming evidence that it does exist and was the name of the land which the State of Israel was created on.

The overwhelming cry is that Israel was always Jewish, that……

Stamps From #Palestine

All i here from anti-Palestinian trolls is ‘Palestine Never Existed’, but anyone with a brain knows that it did exist and still exists, here are some stamps from a long time ago:

Called A Terrorist For Wearing A Scarf

I was going about my day as usual on Twitter, minding my own business when i got a mention and when i checked it out i was greeted with a cropped image version of my Twitter Avatar, with the words “She is a terrorist”:

Now i am sure you are wondering what……

[Archive] Louise Mensch Opens Her Disgusting Mouth Again

I knew i was missing an article on this troll, seem’s it got lost somewhere, anyhow i posted it last year on my friends website:

If you read this article, you will find out how i feel about the diseased creature that is Louise Mensch, she along with Katie Hopkins are the most vile creatures……

The Hypocrisy Of Senator McCain

I will start this off by stating that I am not a fan of politicians, there is a handful that I have respect for, one such person is Barack Obama, he is my favourite US President by a mile, now i know he created a lot of death and destruction in foreign countries during his……

Comparing israels Crimes To Nazi Crimes Is Illegal Now In UK ?

Back in May 2016 the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) released a working definition of anti-Semitism and the UK have decided to adopt this definition as their own, British Prime Minister Theresa May revealed this at the Conservative Friends of Israel lunch on the 10th of December 2016, you can read the full text from……

What Has Russia Contributed To The World

Due to many things recently, the US Election and Syria the US has decided to throw more scorn than usual at Russia, of course its actions in Syria deserve some scorn and hot voiced opinions, they shouldn’t be there, but neither should other countries, then there is the whole Election thing, of course they deserve……

[Archive] Louise Mensch Childishly Attacks Liz Kendall(Repost)

Repost Number 3



There are two British women who make my skin crawl, the wicked witch Katie Hopkins and the vile despicable Louise Mensch, they are simply the most disgusting horrible women that have ever lived in the UK,……

Eurovision Political Contest – The Farce – #Eurovision 2016 (Repost)

Originally posted this after this years Eurovision,  but had to restore a previous back up so lost it, thanks to Google cache i was bale to copy it and repost, it helped me bring back three posts that i had lost 🙂