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There are two British women who make my skin crawl, the wicked witch Katie Hopkins and the vile despicable Louise Mensch, they are simply the most disgusting horrible women that have ever lived in the UK, below is an archive of an article i wrote when Jeremy Corbyn was running for leader of the labour party, Mensch started attacking one of Corbyns supporters and did so in a manner that not only made herself like a complete dumbass, but showed she would stoop to any level to discredit people.

1.) I state in the article that i do not support Corbyn, i did not back then, but that has since changed, i have grown to admire the man and his politics, just like my favourite politician George Galloway, he is honest and full of integrity.
2.) I posted the article back then on, i am not affiliated with the website, but i am friends with the owner and sometimes post there.

Below is the article in its entirety:

The failed British politician, Louise Mensch, probably better known for the spoiled brat who tried to create her own version of Twitter, which ended up failing and instead of taking the blame on its failure, decided to blame her then boyfriend for getting arrested for allegedly have images of children performing sexual acts, has yet again showed how much she fails to Twitter and the world.

Its not secret that Mensch is a nasty person, you can see her various tweets or captures of deleted tweets and of course her blog posts, she gets some sore of kick out of attacking politicians, George Galloway was someone she attacked quite a lot in 2015.

Tonight she decides for some reason to attack Liz Kendall for apparently supporting Jeremy Corbyn, now she does this in the most childish pathetic manner in the form of a tweet, which she has since deleted and not apologised for, she stupidly forgets that stuff can’t be deleted from the internet and there is a screenshot of her vile tweet:


Mensch claims that what people on Twitter search for when looking for Liz Kendall are those terms, but if you take a quick look, you will notice the ‘x’ after each term, what that means, is that Mensch put those terms in herself searching for Liz Kendall, you see Twitter records YOUR search terms and only YOUR search terms on the current browser you are using, for example a normal search of Liz Kendall:

You will see that none of those horrible search terms are not present, why ?, because i did not search for Liz in that manner, but i did do a search on Mensch and used horrible terms in the search:


You will see that those search terms are there and they are only there because i searched for them, they are not part of Twitters search algorithm, they are part of my browsers Twitter search history.


Why did Mensch do this, there are several reasons:
1.) She is a vile horrible person, she cannot defeat anyone using her brain, so she has to do it via smear campaigns and telling lies, it is the only way she can seem to survive in this world.
2.) She has this ‘anti-Semite’ agenda, where she will act as if anyone who disagree’s with her is an anti-Semite and they hate the Jewish people, this is another one of her childish defence mechanisms.
3.) Which leads me to #3, Jeremy Corbyn is running to become the leader of the British Labour party, his opposition claim he is anti-Jewish and an anti-Semite and because Liz Kendall supports Jeremy in some sort of way, Mensch was trying to tell people that Twitter seen Liz as some sort of evil Nazi anti- Jewish anti-Semite, it was a very lame smear attempt which quickly backfired and what does Mensch do instead of saying sorry, she reverts to #2, claiming anyone that called her out on her horrible tweet, an anti-Semite.


Oh for the record, i do not support the British Labour party, i do not support Corbyn and i honestly do not give a flying fuck who becomes a member of a party that is insignificant to me. so don’t waste your time throwing the ‘Corbyn supporter anti-Semite’ bullshit at me, try coming up with something original…

You can read where i originally posted it by clicking this link