I will start this off by stating that I am not a fan of politicians, there is a handful that I have respect for, one such person is Barack Obama, he is my favourite US President by a mile, now i know he created a lot of death and destruction in foreign countries during his reign as the President of USA, but i am going to hit on that later for the moment i will finish by saying that i love Obama’s character, his charm and the fact he cares, both he and his wife are awesome people and i really hope Mr’s Obama is the next President of USA, i also have a partial respect for Putin, i do not think he is a great man and i think he is guilty for as much chaos as Obama, but like Obama he has a certain charm, i like how he will not lie down for USA, but i do not like his idea of democracy, he has ruled Russia since the fall of the USSR which i do not think is healthy for the country

Now that said, onto the politicians i think are horrible people, or rather i shall focus on the one person and that is Senator John McCain, who i have never liked and i will state why and then we will get onto the hypocrisy.

McCain is a warmonger, he prefers the destructive way than the peaceful way, he might look like a cute little old man, but at his heart is a war machine.

Hypocrisy ?
Now you are probably wondering what this Hypocrisy is or what it relates too, well of course McCain is a hypocrite, but this specific article is about a recent article he released in which he responds to the phone call between President Tramp and President Putin, which you can read here, i will grab some of the quotes and outline the Hypocrisy:

In just the last three years under Vladimir Putin, Russia has invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, threatened NATO allies, and intervened militarily in Syria, leaving a trail of death, destruction, and broken promises in his wake

Russia’s war on Ukraine has killed over 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. Russia supplied the weapons that shot down a commercial aircraft over Ukraine and killed 298 innocent people

It is true that Putin and Russia has been somewhat involved in helping the separatists in the area known a NovoRussia, you do not need to be a genius to understand that all these nice fancy weapons did not appear from thin air and it is true that he has intervened in Syria, but…

USA has intervened In Syria and Libya in the past few years, in 2011 the USA and NATO invaded Libya and helped overthrow its elected leader, now Gadaffi wasn’t a great person but he was the leader of the country and should not have been removed in such a manner, it was up to the people of Libya to remove him, because of USA and NATO Libya was torn a part and ravaged by a civil war and has been flooded with ISIS terrorists.
NATO Invasion Of Libya
The Ongoing Libyan Civil War

Lets talk about annexation, israel who is funded by the USA, has been slowly annexing more and more Palestinian land, where is the condemnation for this, where are the sanctions?
The West Bank and Gaza strip have shrunk in the past three years, vast amounts of the land which was part of Palestine is now part of israel, in 2014 israel announced that it would be stealing 400 hectares of land from the West Bank, that very same year israel attacked the Gaza Strip murdering over 2000 Palestinians over a period of fifty days, yet zero sanctions, how and why is what israel did in Palestine unpublishable?

How can McCain condemn the murder of over 2000 Ukrainian civilians and blame it on Russia, but not do the same of israel?

The death toll of civilians in Ukraine in Ukraine is 2,347 over a 2 year 9 month period, this has been caused by Ukrainian Soldiers and Separatists, with Ukrainian Soldiers mainly at fault, the other 7000 in estimate are Ukrainian Soldiers, though this figure is wrong as the total is 3.308.
On top of all this, McCain was meddling in the affairs of Ukraine in 2013, when he gave a speech to anti-Government protesters in Kiev, speaking out against the legally elected government of the country, undermining the legally elected government of the country, which is the exact same thing he is blaming Russia on doing with the recent US election.

Lets go back to annexation.
Golan Heights belonging to Syria ring a bell ?
Yeah it was annexed by israel, yet they continued to be funded and armed by USA, no sanctions for them.

Russia has conducted a massive military buildup along NATO’s eastern flank, conducted large-scale military exercises, violated the borders, airspace, and territorial waters of its neighbors, and intensified its propaganda efforts to undermine the governments of our allies

Every country with military power conducts military exercises, the USA does them all over the place and in other peoples countries, the only military exercises Russia does is within its own country and just to show the hypocrisy here are three images:

So no Mr McCain the ‘build up’ or ‘build-up’ is by NATO on Russia’s borders, Russia as well as Iran are surrounded by both USA and NATO.
The ‘propaganda’ which McCain claims Russia has done, is exactly what he did in Ukraine.

Russia has propped up the murderous Assad regime as it has waged war on the Syrian people and killed more than 400,000 civilians. Russia’s military has targeted Syrian hospitals and first responders with precision weapons. Instead of targeting ISIL, Russia has focused its operations against the moderate Syrian opposition, which has only empowered extremist forces in the country.

Remember when you guys propped up Saddam Hussein in hope that he would overthrow Iran?
Remember that nerve gas that you supplied him that ended up not only causing the death of Iranians but was the cause of the many deaths of Kurds ?

Ok we won’t talk about that, it happened a long time ago, we will talk about how you funded moderate rebels in Syria, rebels who have cause much death to civilians in Syria, so not only has Assad, Russia and their allies caused much death in Syria, so has the US, you Mr McCain and your policies contributed to those 400,000 deaths.

Yes it has been reported that Russia attacked hospitals, but how can you criticize that when you as vice president ruled over the US army that bombed hospitals in Iraq, oh wait, it doesn’t count when USA bombs civilians, how about when israel bombs hospitals in Palestine, oh yes, yet again that does not count.

Yes Russia has bombed moderate terrorists aka moderate opposition, but you have also bombed Syrian Armed Forces when you should have been bombing ISIS.

Both Russia and USA are as guilty for the horrors in Syria, USA does not get a free pass on this, weapons they have given moderates have ended up in the hands of ISIS, which in turn empowered extremist forces in the country.

And in the most flagrant demonstration of Putin’s disdain and disrespect for our nation, Russia deliberately interfered in our recent election with cyberattacks and a disinformation campaign designed to weaken America and discredit Western values.

That is exactly what USA, specifically McCain did in Ukraine.

He will never be our partner, including in fighting ISIL. He believes that strengthening Russia means weakening America. President Trump should remember this when he speaks to Vladimir Putin. He should remember that the man on the other end of the line is a murderer and a thug who seeks to undermine American national security interests at every turn. For our commander-in-chief to think otherwise would be naïve and dangerous.

How can he be partners with USA when USA arm the moderates and undermine any attempt at fighting ISIS?
Calling Putin a murdered when you Mr McCain has blood on your hands is extremely hypocritical, you have murdered hundreds of Vietnamese, both soldiers and civilians of a country you invaded.

Now this isn’t a pro-Trump article, i think the guy is a piece of shit and i hope that Americans fine a way to remove him from power, i wanted to show the hypocrisy of McCain