In 2008 I joined a website called PS3HaX, I soon became a moderator, then a news writer, then basically ran the site, I met great people, helped loads of people and made some enemies, I was part of a scene, a great scene.







Fast forward a few years and I started my own PlayStation hacking site and for a while it did great, then it stopped being so popular, my habit of arguing with people and sites such as Reddit and Twitter made what I did kind of pointless, but I carried on, I had other sites that were more popular such as the PlayStation Dev Wikis.

Two years ago something happened in my personal life that killed most of my interest in the scene, after a few months I got a little interest in the scene back again, but It never really fully came back and two years later I am in the same position that I was in then, this time I do not think it can be fixed and it made me realise that it is finally time to retire from the scene, it is time to say goodbye to this wonderful place that I have called home for the past thirteen years.

It is now time for me to focus on my family, mending my mental health and trying to get my physical health fixed, I will miss many of you, but my family and health are more important and I have been neglecting both for too long.

I could have just left and vanished into obscurity, but that would not have been fair to so many of you who have supported me over the years, I had to say a proper goodbye to you guys and thank you for standing by me, even though I could be a complete dick at times, I hope some of you keep in contact with me via Telegram, WhatsApp or even email, there are so many of you to thank, you know who you are so there is no point in listing all your names here.

That brings me to my websites, the PlayStation Dev Wiki’s I will keep running, but the plan is to have someone trustworthy and competent to take over the hosting and running of those sites, I will send zecoxao monthly backups, just in case something happens me or for some reason I can host them any more, PlayStationHaX will fade into obscurity with me and become just a memory, the PlayStation/Console History sites will become book only and my personal blog will be used occasionally any time I need to say something important.
I won’t be active on either Twitter accounts either, I don’t want to kill them off and they will remain as they are, only with no new Tweets.

That is it, that is all that is left to say.