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It Is Time For Me To Say Farewell

In 2008 I joined a website called PS3HaX, I soon became a moderator, then a news writer, then basically ran the site, I met great people, helped loads of people and made some enemies, I was part of a scene, a great scene.

40 Years Of Me – My Favourite Forty Games – 4/9/21

Continuing my “40 Years Of Me” series, I will delve into my forty favourite games.












I have been playing games since I was 11 or 12 years old, the first game I played……

40 Years Of Me – My Favourite Forty Movies – 28/08/2021

Yesterday I started my “40 years of me” series, in the article I focused on my favourite forty songs, today I will focus on my favourite 40 movies.







1. Scarface & The Godfather (US/Hollywood)
2. 7 Samurai (Japan)…

40 Years Of Me – My Favourite Forty Songs – 27/08/2021

In May of this year I turned forty years old, it was an age that I did not think I would see and many times it was an age I didn’t care to see, my life has been a roller coaster of emotions, a lot of pain and heartache, much of that I do not……

Another Step In The Journey Of My Health Part 2 – 1/7/21

Well this post is a week and a half late, this should have been posted on the 21st of June 2021, but as usual I didn’t have the motivation to write anything 🙁

On Monday the 21st I went to my doctors at the agreed time of 10:20, only to be told I had gotten the……

Another Step In The Journey Of My Health – 18/6/21

If you read my blog much, you will know that I have a few minor health problems, which I covered in this blog post and this blog post.








I also have……

A Personal Story In Four Parts

I have posted a few times about certain health problems I have, once consists of a constant pain in my stomach, I have been on the NHS waiting list for almost three years, waiting for a colonoscopy, that is where they take a camera and shoved it up your bum, don’t freak out its not……

The Scan On My Nuts And The Results – 19/02/21

If you haver read my three other blog posts regarding the lump on my testicle, you will know that this post is about five months late.

The Scan
So It’s Monday and I arrive at the hospital, I sit there in the waiting room with my mask on and time seems to drag….

Baby Scan On My Nuts – 23/9/2020

If you have read my two other blog post in regards to testicles, you will know that I found a lump on my right testicle and that I had been to the doctor on Friday who referred me to radiology and that appointment came in today.

It will consist of me getting gel……

The Long Wait For My Guts – 20/9/2020

September 2020 marks two years since I first went to the doctor about my stomach problems, this problems I have had for about fourteen years.

When I went to the doctor in 2018, he referred me to the hospital to be checked by specialists, he told me that I would probably have to……