If you have read my two other blog post in regards to testicles, you will know that I found a lump on my right testicle and that I had been to the doctor on Friday who referred me to radiology and that appointment came in today.

It will consist of me getting gel spread on my testicles whilst a radiologist uses a baby scanner to carefully check for problems on my nuts, this will take THIRTY MINUTES >.<

This is probably the most embarrassing and humiliating thing I have done, but it is for the best that I get it done even if nothing bad shows.

The appointment is in another town on Tuesday, so I might see if I can get it changed to my town as that would be more convenient.

September will see me get my testicles scanned to see what the lump could be and October or November will see me get a camera inserted in my bum to see what the problem is with my stomach.

This was originally posted on the 23rd Of September 2020.

Managed to get appointment changed to my town, it will be on Monday instead.