September 2020 marks two years since I first went to the doctor about my stomach problems, this problems I have had for about fourteen years.

When I went to the doctor in 2018, he referred me to the hospital to be checked by specialists, he told me that I would probably have to get a camera inserted in my bum, I waited and waited, weeks went by, months went by and still no appointment, the one year mark came in September 2019 and still no appointment from the hospital, so I made another doctors appointment and told him the pain had gotten worse, he looked up to see where I was in the waiting list and informed me that I was sitting in the urgent list, he then wrote to them to get things moved along, he also prescribed me Irritable Bowel Syndrome medicine.

I then received an appointment in January 2020 and was seen by a specialist who referred me to gastroenterology, September 2020 comes and still no appointment, so I ring up on Friday on my the doctors, I explained I was first put on the waiting list two years ago, she then told me I was only put on the waiting list in January, of course I had forgotten the appointment that I had back in January >.<, so I asked where I would be on the list and how long I would likely have to wait, she said they were not booking appointments and them moment and even if they were, I would still have a while to wait, this was annoying but what could I do, there is a pandemic going on and this would have delayed many things. I arrive home after the doctors and notice a hospital looking letter waiting for me, it is a letter from gastroenterology telling me that they are able to offer me an appointment and will be ringing me in about three weeks to arrange one. So hopefully by Christmas I find out what is actually wrong with me, though I am assuming it is IBS, it is still nice to have an official diagnosis.