Well it took me three weeks and two days to finally book myself and appointment, I was seen about two hours after I booked the appointment, went into the doctors room and lay down on the bed almost straight away, the doctor got to giving my right testicle a good feel, I had explained to him that this lump was strange in that I could feel it sometimes and not others and I was not sure if he would have luck finding it.

After he gave a good examination, he asked me to stand and he examined my pubic area to check if I had a hernia, after wards when I had pulled up my pants* and trousers**, the doctor told me that he was unsure, he said that he found a normal lump that should be there, which is located at the epididymis and that he thought that he thought he found something close to it which seemed to be some sort of cyst, he explained that cysts are nothing to worry about and said he could not feel anything sinister, he then arranged for me to get an ultrasound on my testicles, which is similar to what pregnant women get when they go for their checks.

So hopefully I know within the next couple of weeks what this strange lump is and why it seems to move.

I do feel discomfort in my scrotum and my testicle ached a bit more than normal after the examination, but at least I got it done, I think the message I want to leave is that even if the lump is small, get it checked, yes it is embarrassing but it is better getting it seen to and not waiting to see if it gets bigger.

* Pants is what people in my country refer to as underwear, boxers, panties, briefs etc.
** Trousers are what Americans refer to as pants

Originally written on the 20th September 2020.