If you haver read my three other blog posts regarding the lump on my testicle, you will know that this post is about five months late.

The Scan
So It’s Monday and I arrive at the hospital, I sit there in the waiting room with my mask on and time seems to drag.
Eventually a man comes out for me and I go into a dark room, where there is another man standing there waiting to scan my testicles, he asks me to drop my trousers and underwear and tells me to lie on the bed, he gives me a folded piece of tissue and makes me hold my penis back, then he gets gel squirts it on the scanner and gets to work scanning my testicles, he scans both of them, after a while he asks me to point to where the problem is and I point to the bottom of my right testicle, he scans over it again.
I kept trying to take a peak at the screen but it was angled so I couldn’t really see it well, the scan is over and he gives me tissue to wipe the gel off, I get myself together and he tells me the results should be with my doctor in a couple of days.
I walk home the scenic route, texting NeoSabin on the way and telling him of the fun I just had.

The Result
A couple of days later, on Wednesday my doctor rings me and tells me the results, just a harmless cyst, tells me there is nothing to worry about unless it gets big.
So I am super happy.
Now just to wait on the camera in my ass appointment.