Well this post is a week and a half late, this should have been posted on the 21st of June 2021, but as usual I didn’t have the motivation to write anything 🙁

On Monday the 21st I went to my doctors at the agreed time of 10:20, only to be told I had gotten the time wrong and that it was in fact 16:50 >.<
This was quite annoying as it took me 20 minutes walking here and I was dying with the flu or some virus, so I walk back to the doctors later and got there just in time.












The doctor did several test on me for brain function and cognitive test, I passed them and the doctor didn’t see anything wrong with me apart from my blood pressure being a little high, there was no explanation for my memory loss, the tiredness or the pain in the head, so he has put me on the hospital waiting list to get a CT scan.
I walked back home again, the walk seemed to take forever, I definitely had some type of bug, spent the next day in bed and still haven’t completely recovered but I am getting there.

Thanks for reading, more waiting though hopefully I won’t have to wait that long.