If you read my blog much, you will know that I have a few minor health problems, which I covered in this blog post and this blog post.








I also have another health problem, that started two or three months before I moved out of the family home two years ago, I had this ripping/tearing sensation inside my head. I assumed it was in the brain but it wasn’t painful or anything so I ignored it, however I have been getting a niggling pain in that spot ever since, it wasn’t a debilitating pain, just one that was there, I did intend to make an appointment earlier but Covid arrived and that changed everything, but recently the pain has been getting worse that accompanied with other things such as forgetfulness, brainfog, head twitches, exhaustion, eye problems and other smaller things has gotten me quite worried.

Yesterday after three days of trying to get a doctors appointment, I managed to get one, the doctor rang me and I explained the problems, so he booked me an appointment with the treatment room for this morning, went in and it was the nice old lady who has taken my blood several times before, she took three vials of blood from me, one vial is to test for diabetes, I also have a face to face appointment on Monday with the doctor where he will determine if I need to go for a brain scan or not.

Of course I am like the regular idiot who has problems, I look up my symptoms on the Internet and so far I have come to the conclusion that I have one of these three:
Brain Tumour

The diabetes one would make a lot of sense, as I am still waiting for the butt camera and an excruciatingly painful night with my stomach two Saturdays ago, I decided to start researching symptoms and such, you know like any sane person would do, I came to the conclusion that my stomach pains are a result of my gallbladder filled with gallstones still being in my body, the stones can get trapped in the duct and this messes with the pancreas, the pain I have constantly had on the left side of my body is in the same area as the pancreas.
This isn’t something I considered a few months ago, I had been looking after my diet so that I wouldn’t have problems with my gallbladder flaring up again, I decided to use diet to control gallbladder because I am a big coward and afraid of needles, operations and pain, but there is a chance that my gallbladder could be silently affecting my pancreas and that is what the painful flare-ups are on the left side of my body.
The pancreas is an extremely important organ in your body, it controls it helps with digestion but also helps control insulin, you can end up with Chronic Pancreatitis through gallbladder problems, Chronic Pancreatitis can lead to diabetes, diabetes can affect the memory and make you tired.

So I could have been going through these past ten years or more of pain and struggling with memory because I was too afraid to get my gallbladder out.

Out of the three, I would prefer diabetes, I know that is probably a strange thing to say, but an operation to remove a tumour is quite serious or be extremley life changing and thats even if you are lucky enough that the tumour is operatable, dementia is basically a death sentence and it is one of my biggest fears, not knowing the people I love, not being able to do things such as change my own clothes, feed myself, pick up a camera etc would be devastating for me, especially at such a young age, so yeah, even though diabetes can end with dementia it can also be controlled at the moment with medication, of course I hope it is something less serious than any of those three and easily treatable.

Anyhow thanks for reading this wall of text, I will keep you up to date with this current health problem, I am also considering asking the doctor if he could get me on the waiting list to get my gallblader removed, I wonder if the hospital would let me take photos of it.

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