Originally posted this after this years Eurovision,  but had to restore a previous back up so lost it, thanks to Google cache i was bale to copy it and repost, it helped me bring back three posts that i had lost 🙂


Some people like this show, some don’t, its not to everyone taste, after all it is filled with the cheesiest crap imaginable, but some of that crap is enjoyable.


I first started watching it when i was about 17, the winner that year was Dana International from Israel, i actually fell in love with her, i thought she was awesome, i didn’t care about this country ‘Israel’ that i didn’t know much about, i didn’t know back then it was the murdering terrorist state that it is, i just liked the singer, i do not remember much about Eurovision for the next few years, i don’t think i really watched it much after that 1998 win, i do remember my country Ireland winning it several times over the years.

I started watching it each year again after i met my wife, she is a Ukrainian/Russian, so she rooted for both countries and i guess i did too by default, i never really liked any of the songs, i did however start noticing a pattern over the years watching it, each country voted gave the highest points to their friend/neighbour, if a country didn’t like another they wouldn’t give them any points, the show in the background was a political force and country dick posturing, it wasn’t about which song was the best to the countries leaders, however the public chose with their hearts and that is probably what makes the show somewhat decent.

That luckily was the most political it got, none of the songs were political and the rules of the show denied anyone the ability to do that, until last night Saturday the 14th of May 2016, when Ukraine sang the most political song imaginable, it was referencing the Tatar mass deportation from Crimea to places deeper in the Soviet States which Russia’s Stalin was responsible for, you couldn’t have sang a more political song if you had tried and in my opinion allowing this song to be entered into Eurovision was wrong, after all when Armenia in 2015 had a song title ‘Don’t Deny’, they were forced to change the title as it was deemed to politically aimed at Turkey for being the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide.

So why was Armenia forced to change a title deemed to be political when Ukraine was allowed to use a song that in it’s entirety was political ?
Because Russia couldn’t be allowed to win, could you imagine having to go to that horrible country called Russia, you know that terrible place that saved Europe from Hitlers Nazi’s and spoke against such criminal wars such as the Iraq Invasion of 2003, you know the country who hasn’t persecuted Iran for the last 30 years.
Could you imagine how terrible it would be if Russia would have won the political(judges) vote and we would have seen Ukraine stropping and throwing her teddy at the fact they would have to go to Russia and sing or not participate at all, yeah that would have been the end of the world, we would have seen the apocalypse.

Well at least the public voted correctly for the best song and Russia’s song was the best, if they were to loose it should have been as second place to Spain or one of the other decent songs, they should never have lost to a song that would have been disallowed if it was directed to any other country than Russia.

For the record, i like Ukraine’s song as it sends a message out and makes people remember or introduces people to the atrocities committed by Stalin’s Russia, ALL ethnic cleansing’s, genocides and mass forced deportations should be remembered, they should never be forgotten and we should learn from them, but such songs and messages should be voiced by different means and not a song contest such as Eurovision.

Talking about mass forced deportations and genocide, why are some of the horrors of history deemed more important than others ?

Today marks 68 years of the Nakba, which is when the Zionists in what was Palestine forcefully deported Palestinians from their homes to make way for a nation called Israel, why does the west not get upset over this crime, why do they not see this as an important day to remember, why has Israel never been punished for this or asked to account for their crimes, those crimes which they still continue to this day.

The Armenian Genocide which was committed by Turkey has been basically brushed under the carpet, the west does not care about it as they would rather have Turkey as an ally than make them answer for their crimes.

In fact that only atrocities ever mentioned in great length or with great detail, are those committed by Hitler, Russia, some Asian countries and countries in Africa who’s atrocities were committed by Black Africans, when it comes to the west, their crimes don’t seem to matter, the crimes committed against the Native Americans who were slaughtered and mass deported seem to mean nothing, North Americans, specifically those who are white, want everyone to shut the fuck up about this crime and move on as it happened a along time ago, the crimes committed by Great Britain over the past 500 years don’t matter either, even the recent ones such as their treatment of the Irish, their murder of Irish Catholics, Irish Catholics who were forced from their homes to make way for Protestant British homes and people and Ireland is not the only place that Britain has caused vast human rights crimes, but like i said those crimes don’t matter, because they were not committed by Russia.

I think i have finished, i think my point is put across, for those that couldn’t be bothered to read the full thing, the meaning:
Don’t use Political messages/songs in Eurovision.
Realise that ALL atrocities and genocides matter, not the ones that the UK and USA dumb you down to believing are the only ones that matter.