I posted this a while back on a website for anonymous posting, mostly because i didn’t want any attention from the post, but the word needs to be out there, especially since the protagonist has recently had a melt down and attacked that which he claims to love, that which he defended and was racist towards Sony and Japanese people over, here is the full article:

Xbox Fanboys And Racism

Originally posted here 2ND June 2015

This article is being written by a gamer and as gamers, we have to put up with a whole pile of stupid shit and insults against our characters, the last think we need to be labelled as, are racist pieces of shit and this is where this story leads us, racism and Microsoft at E3.



E3 is the ultimate gaming event, which takes place over 3 or 4 days once a year, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are always the big names there, its where we will see new games, new consoles and other gaming related news.
The gaming media visits but so do the public, but the main events are generally closed to journalists, with the exception of those invited as guests.



Microsoft has invited a few prominent YouTubers, they aren’t big names, but they are known well enough to be invited by a huge company such as Microsoft, one of those invited is CrapgamerReviews and he seems like a loyal Microsoft fan, but that does not change the fact he is a racist scum bag, referring to the Japanese as ‘Rice Eaters’ and claiming they are ‘shady’, he also called the PS4 ‘niggerstation 4’, stating that PS4 owners should be sent to Fema camps to make them American again, on top of that using hash tags such as ‘#PS4TheNiggers’.



Now looking from the outside this whole situation could be looked at as Sony Fanboy’s against Microsoft Fanboy’s, but that it isn’t the case, its one person calling out a racist for being a racist.

This morning whilst viewing my Twitter account as usual, I noticed a tweet regarding Microsoft, stating something along the lines off ‘I’m surprised they would invite racists’, so I decided to look around and read up a little bit, this is the tweet that seemed to start it all off:


here are

the images contained in the tweet:


This is his Twitter account:



As you can see the racist Tweets are from @__CrapGamer__ and CrapgamerReviews Twitter account is @The_CrapGamer, so one could say that they are not the same person as some in the Twitter conversation suggested and of course CrapgamerReviews denied it was him as you can see here:



And yes if you didn’t do something, if you were not racist, you have every right to defend yourself, but the sad fact is, CrapgamerReviews was lieing, sometime between the 12th of February 2015 and the 15th of February 2015, CrapgamerReviews changed his Twitter username from @__CrapGamer__ to @The_CrapGamer, how do i know this ?
Its simple, the idiots YouTube channel, on most of his videos he add’s links to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, here you can see the screenshots:
12 Feb 2015

15 Feb 2015

All the videos before the 12th of February include a link to @__CrapGamer__ all after the 15th of February include a link to @The_CrapGamer, you see its extremely piss easy to change your twitter Name and Username, you can change both and nothing can be linked back to your old Twitter username, unless you of course don’t edit all your YouTube videos to reflect your new Twitter username, now that i have proven that these two accounts are the same, i will leave you with a few of his racist Tweets:

TLDR Version
Microsoft invites Egotistical YouTube Xbox Fanboy cunt to E3 as a guest, that cunt gets caught out being racist, changes his username to pretend it was someone pretending to him, only for it to be proven to be him due to his own stupidity of not editing the videos he uses the old Twitter username in.

He claimed the images were fake, basically calling me a liar, so i decided to make a video:

Follow Up(February 2016)
The story about him being invited to E3 was a pile of bullshit, it was another lie in a long list of lies made up by this idiot, CrapGamer only cares about his shitty YouTube channel and the hits he can get from morons visiting and watching his videos, he doesn’t care for Microsoft, he doesnt care about gaming, he only cares for the money he makes off YouTube hits…