This is not an attack on pirates, nor an attack on people who pirate games on the PS4, i have no real problem with you guys, my problem is with the beggars, the leeches who just beg for shit instead of doing something themselves and this is the case of the peasant i am going to post about.

Last night i had posted a test of some PS2 games i had tested on my PS4, one of the games i tested was Dynasty Warriors 3, the game is one of my all time favourites and it was great to see it running on the PS4, os i uploaded the video to YouTube, which auto posted to Twitter, you can see the tweet here.

You will notice that a Twitter user replied with his own list of games that he has been playing and enjoying:

You will also notice the peasant asking the Twitter user to upload the said PKG’s, which the Twitter user very kindly decided to do, but no this wan’t good enough for the peasant, he wanted the Twitter user to upload to somewhere else:

As you can see, the peasant wasn’t grateful that they were getting uploaded to Mega, that he begged for them to be uploaded to Zippy, which i found offensive and i suggested the peasant create the PKG’s himself, but boy did that anger the peasant:

He asked why i was poking my nose into MY Twitter feed, he told me to mind my own fucking business on MY Twitter feed, then precoded to call me an idiotic fuck, now the irony in that is:
1.) The motherfucker is too damn dumb and lazy to create his own PS2 PKG’s, they really aren’t that hard too do, but Mr Peasant here finds it an extremely difficult thing to do.
2.) It was MY Twitter feed he was replying to, how can i or why should i mind my own business on MY Twitter feed?
Is this peasant too dumb to understand that i have every right to reply to any and all comments on my Twitter feed?

The peasant decided to do this:

That is all cool, i mean it isn’t the first time that someone has blocked me and it won’t be the last, but he couldn’t just block, he had to leave one final nasty insult as he was running:

This not only makes him a peasant but also a coward.

Now this is not the first run in i have had with this cowardly peasant, i had a dispute with him a couple of days ago, in which yet again he was replying to MY feed:

So a summary of this cowardly peasant, he finds it perfectly OK to respond to my tweets as they are public, but gets offended when i reply to his public tweets on my fucking feed, this is the toxicity that floods the PS4 scene, there are numerous vile creatures as this one, begging developers for KExploit’s, begging people to upload PS2 PKG’s because they are too lazy or stupid to do it themselves.

Anyhow end of rant, i know there are plenty of pirates in the PS4 scene and most of you can manage to do your shit without messing with other people, without insulting or attacking other people, it is sad that the cowardly peasants that are described above exist in the scene in the first place.

On a final note on piracy, creating games cost a lot of money, so please attempt to buy them instead of stealing them.