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[Archive] Should Scene Sites Charge For Hacking Consoles ?

This is an article i wrote on PlayStationHaX during April 2016, i strongly believe now as i did then, if you are a scene website, who’s aim is to help and educate people, you should not be offering any services where you charge people for doing a service, it shows your lack of care for……

[Archive] Louise Mensch Childishly Attacks Liz Kendall(Repost)

Repost Number 3



There are two British women who make my skin crawl, the wicked witch Katie Hopkins and the vile despicable Louise Mensch, they are simply the most disgusting horrible women that have ever lived in the UK,……

My Three Favourite Musicians – Music And Me(Repost)

Repost number 2:

I love a lot of music and many artists, but there are three that stick out in my mind and heart, i can’t really pick which one is my ultimate favourite, as i cycle between……

Eurovision Political Contest – The Farce – #Eurovision 2016 (Repost)

Originally posted this after this years Eurovision,  but had to restore a previous back up so lost it, thanks to Google cache i was bale to copy it and repost, it helped me bring back three posts that i had lost 🙂