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I love a lot of music and many artists, but there are three that stick out in my mind and heart, i can’t really pick which one is my ultimate favourite, as i cycle between them depending on mood, so i guess the three of them can be considered my favourite, i will put them in the order i first heard of them.


I started of listening Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison at a young age, i liked them quite a lot, as soon as i started Secondary School i was introduced to my first toke of a cigarette and Hardcore Rave music and its all i really listened to until i was introduced to:

Bob Marley
It is true that a lot of people associate Bob Marley with Marijuana and that is how i was introduced to him, fifteen years old sitting in a friends house smoking some weed when an album was put in the CD Player, it was Bob Marley Legend, his music spoke to me, it made me feel happy, i didn’t really smoke weed much after then, but i am glad i was in that situation where i was introduced to this awesome artist.
I mainly listened Legend, my favourite song was Redemption Song:

but as i got older, i bought more of Bob Marley’s albums and around 19 years old i found a new song that would remain my favourite to this day, Africa Unite:

The guy was such an inspiration and tried to accomplish so much, he left a legacy not only in his own music, but in his children, some of whom are great musicians in their own right, you can never be sad when listening to Bob Marley, he just won’t let you, his words and melody keep you high and i don’t mean high from the effects of Ganja, but high with happiness.

One of the problems with the people who listen to Bob Marley when they are getting high, basically listen to the album Legend, but Bob Marley has so many more awesome albums and even better songs that are on that specific album, with Legend you don’t get such awesome tracks like Africa Unite and Kaya:

So going from 15 years old i mainly stuck with the Rave music, but that slowly started changing when i was around 17, i can’t specifically recall the reason for the change in music style or what drew me to it, but i started listening to Rap/Hip-Hop, my first album was an Ice T album, i can’t remember its name and i cannot remember the specific songs on it, but i did love that album very much, i went on to buy another couple of Ice T albums, even bought his Heavy Metal one, now again with i can’t remember what got me into this artist and i can’t remember if i had bought Dr Dre’s 2001 before or after first hearing him, but:

Tupac Shakur(2Pac)
Was the next artist i truly admired, the first album i bought was ‘Greatest Hits‘, i loved so many songs on the double disc album, my favourites being Keep Ya Head Up:

God Bless The Dead:

Hail Mary:

Unconditional Love:

Life Goes On:

Hit Em Up:


How Long Will They Mourn Me:

I had various posters of Tupac and Bob Marley on my wall, then i started watching the Tupac movies and in my opinion he was a great actor, it would have been great to see how popular he would have been as an actor today, because the potential was there, i bough several of Tupac’s albums over the years:
[*]2Pacalypse Now
[*]Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…
[*]Me Against the World
[*]All Eyez on Me
[*]R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
[*]Better Dayz
[*]The Rose That Grew from Concrete
[*]Still I Rise

All i really listened too for the next few years was Bob Marley and Tupac, with a little bit of Dr Dre, Xzibit and Eminem thrown in, Rave music basically vanished from my life, i was hitting my early to mid twenties when i was introduced to:

Leonard Cohen
The first song i heard was First We Take Manhattan:

I liked the song, but the voice and style drew me to the singer, a few months later i got my first album ‘The Best of Leonard Cohen‘, it was a Greatest Hits album from 1975, i like all the songs on it, there wasn’t any i disliked, my favourite probably being Suzanne:

The Partisan:

Last Years Man:

Also stuck in my head, i went on to buy ‘The Essential Leonard Cohen‘, it had some of the songs i already owned, but it had so many i didn’t, i then went on to buy another album titled ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen‘ it was his debut album and where i would find my favourite Leonard Cohen song, One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong:

Whenever i spend my time listening to music, it is usually one of those three, i usually listen music the most when i am writing articles for PlayStationHaX/WiiUHaX or when i am looking for articles to write.

That is just a tiny bit involving the personal life of GregoryRasputin.
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