Today the 13th of September 2016 marks 20 years since we lost Tupac Shakur, I was 15 years old when it happened and I don’t recall that I had ever heard of him at that age, I think I first heard a Tupac track in 1998 or 1999 and it was an instant attraction to his music and his persona, his bigger than life charisma and that infectious smile he had.

I was around 17 – 18 years old at this time and I was fighting a lot of personal demons, depression and suicidal thoughts, hating myself and wanting to die, I would lock myself in my room and listen to Bob Marley and Tupac, my bedroom walls were plastered in posters of Pac and Bob, of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

Writing poetry was my only real release from the pain that I held inside, I wasn’t really that good at writing, but listening to Tupac gave me inspiration and helped me write, helped me jot my pain and insanity.

There was one person in my real life that kept me fighting to carry on at that time, then there was Tupac who helped me through the struggle spiritually, I am not saying I could or could not have done it without him, but he helped, I cannot write for others or how much of an affect they had on their life, but for me he will always be the greatest rapper and Hip Hop artist who ever lived and i hope in another 20 years kids are listening to Tupac, I know I am going to make sure my children are aware of him and how awesome he is and hopefully they do the same with their children.

Not only was Tupac the greatest rapper who ever lived, he was also an awesome actor, the first movie I seen with him in it was Poetic Justice, i though he was great in it, i bought it and all the rest on VHS.

I won’t say much more, i do wish he was still around and i often wonder how much he could have changed, i do think that he would be pissed off that things that he used to rap about have not changed, such as Police Brutality, something i do not think we will see stop unless the system is cleaned from within.

Thanks Tupac for being you and thank you Afeni Shakur for giving birth to such an awesome person, i hope both of you are together today <3

I will leave you with some of my favourite tunes:
God Bless The Dead:

Hail Mary:

Unconditional Love:

Life Goes On:

Hit Em Up:


How Long Will They Mourn Me:

I do like so many more tunes, but the above are some of my favourite.

That’s it, that all i have and all i am going to write today, i just wanted to post something so people could remember him, remember all the good he was and all he accomplished on the anniversary of this sad day.