The first website i created was an SMF forum, which was dedicated to IRC, i think a mixture of it getting defaced, the hassle with having to put up with spam bots and the host shutting down access to the website if i used mods to combat spam bots, sorta made me loose interest.
But WordPress isn’t a forum and i don’t need people to join, nor do i want them to, so i can create a section here on my personal blog, dedicated to IRC, helping people with commands and such.

I run PS3HaX IRC server, its address is or, the server is owned by Keytor69 and i have been his Net Admin/System Admin from the very first day, which has been around 6 years from this point, my best friend NeoSabin became Net Admin/System Admin shortly after that.

On PS3HaX IRC we use short commands, for instance if we want to identify, we use “/ns id password“, were other servers would use “/nickserv identify password“, for my help posts i will be using the short commands, if they do not work for you, you will need to use the long commands.