Every day some idiot goes on to Twitter to take a swipe at Talib Kweli, it is usually some racist idiot or a troll who is bored and has nothing better to do, mainly they are racists though, they falsely accuse Talib of being racist, anti-White or anti-Semitic.

It seemed to be the usual boring troll, attacking someone for kicks, but after about an hour and a half of trolling Talib he pin’s a tweet on his account:

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That indeed is a weird thing to do after trolling and insulting someone for over an hour, as you can see he has a Facebook account linked on his profile, so i visited and was greeted for a person that desperately wanted his rap album to get noticed, which is his right, but what i found sad was that he was begging for donations, first on Patreon

and then on GoFundMe

He was asking for $1000 on GoFundMe and when i tweeted him about it this morning(13th July 2017), he was still accepting donations, which is lame for an album that was already released

You will see that he got only $90 in two months.
The funny thing is that he went and change his GoFundMe goal and stopped asking for donations after he was called out about it

So you see all this silly immature nonsense by Rich Mahogany was a desperate attempt to get people to notice his album.

The irony of it all is this post on Facebook:

He did to Talib Kweli what he was complaining about people doing to LeBron James.

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