Yesterday we were brought the horrifying news that a civilian flight crossing over Easter Ukraine’s air space, crashed or was shot down, there is no doubt in my mind that the plane was shot down and that this shooting was not accidental, those responsible need to be punished, i will list each of the guilty parties that i personally think bares some responsibility.

Ukrainian soldiers have been firing rockets into Russia for over a week now, last week Russian civilian’s were killed on the Russian side of the border, so of course Russia needed to step up the security in that area to avoid such attacks.

Also Ukraine has the type of sophisticated weaponry to shoot down a civilian plane at that height, reports were that they lost these type of weapons in a skirmish with Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.

Pro Russians/E UKR freedom Fighters
It is said that these guys, who are fighting for their freedom and better rights in E Ukraine, captured these weapons from Ukrainian soldiers, it is also reported that they received these type of weapons from Russia, it is not quite clear where they got them, but evidence suggests that they indeed had these type of weapons, the question is, did they actually use them ?
If they did have these type of weapons, whoever gave them or lost them, share the responsibility for the shooting down of this plane.
The fact also remains that Pro Russians have been shooting at military air craft for a while now, having shot a couple of military aircraft out of the sky, civilian flights fly much higher than military aircraft and the Pro Russians should not have had the capability of reaching these heights, without either weapons from Russia or taking these type of weapons from Ukrainian soldiers, who had brought them to that area.

It has been stated that Russia supplied Pro-Russians, weapons sophisticated enough for this type of attack, Russia deny these claims, blaming Ukraine in the process,but if Russia did supply these type of weapons, then they share most of the blame, as they should have supplied someone capable enough to use those type of weapons, someone who was capable of telling the difference between a civilian plane and a military plane.

Unfortunately, part of me feels that those in charge of the Malaysian airline that owned this plane, bare a small bit of responsibility for this terrible crime, yes they should be able to travel where they wish in total safety, but why take the risk of flying over a war zone, putting the lives of so many innocent people at risk.
Surely they could have bypassed that area completely ?

Who Is Actually Responsible ?
Now the world will hear half truths and we will see a multitude of false accusations, false because no proof who actually carried out this attack has been presented in any shape or form, it has just been a bunch of speculation.
I doubt that we will actually know the truth about the matter.

It is possible that the weapons used came from Ukrainian forces and at the same time are Russian made, like a lot of Ukrainian military hardware is, it is also possible that Russia supplied these type of weapons to Pro Russians, Ukraine, Russia and Pro Russians, one of these three groups is responsible.

Regardless of who is responsible, remember that almost 300 innocent people were murdered, so think of them instead of thinking about political point scoring and winning points for your arguments, think of them and their loved ones who over the next few weeks will go through a horrible ordeal.

And lest hope someone is brought to justice for this crime,regardless of who they are.