Monthly archives: March, 2015

[Update 2] Pirate Aka Shazim Mohammad Leaves PS3HaX

Well this is no surprise, considering the cowardly dishonest bastard sold the website three years ago to Caputo Media who in turn recently sold it to an Israeli money grabbing conglomerate, here is his farewell post and none of it covers any of this:

Now let me break it down in……

I Used To Be A Blogger Now I’m Not

Wait what, what the fuck does the title say, it says ‘I Used To Be A Blogger Now I’m Not’, but, but, this is fucking WordPress, WordPress = blogging software, so by using blogging software it defines me as NOT being a blogger, I don’t only have my personal ‘blog’, I also have WiiUHaX and……

Failed Snow Photography

Well these aren’t as good as the Strawberry and Ice Cream photo’s, they aren’t even that good at all, but they are the best i have of the bunch i took today, no point taking photo’s and not posting them, even if they do fail: